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BBQ is better with a vape


This is the beginning of something beautiful


Getting there


Nice rack smoker!


Why thank you but my eyes are up here lol :joy: a buddy of mine gave that to me before he moved and I miss him dearly. One of my two friends ya know…


@Awakenow2 YES IT IS !!!


I use apple cider. Sometimes I dissolve a bit of salt in it. I don’t desire to add anything that would lessen the meat flavor.


What kind of wood are you using?


I’m using pecan wood, I love the way it works with beef effin delicious :yum:


Nice! I like to mix pecan and apple sometimes. Oak works well with beef too.


Here’s pork with mango it’s good too nom nom :yum:
Can’t take a photo image size is too big :weary:


Ya know, using that ELR map shows your just a couple hours north of me… I could bring the potato salad…


This is how it … BEGINS …



I’m actually south of KC so you’re closer than you think :thinking:


Sea scallops and jalapeño poppers on the smoker today. Of course the requisite beer and music accompanying it all


First time smoking ribs. Turned out pretty good.