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BBQ is better with a vape


Pork tenderloin Roll stuffed with salami and smoked Gouga cheese rubbed with spices
Smoked then wrapped in bacon

Then back in to finish
And 2 smoked chickens


Looks quite tasty @Rob62


oh yeah !!! jalapenos got ate up before I could get the camera !!!


Pork Fillet fattie half with sage and onion sausage meat stuffing, roasted red peppers and Smoked Cheddar Filling…Other half sausage meat and Bramley Apple Sauce


@bluenose63 WOW. I’ve only ever bbq’d the traditional ribs, brisket, chicken, shoulder/butts, but you’re making me want to step outside the box !!!


@bluenose63, @SessionDrummer I do something very similar to this just with different fillings and I put a bbq glaze on the outside. Man is it good! The bacon basket weave makes a nice presentation. Looks really good bluenose. Sessions should definitely give this a try!


I also smoke New York Strips with some kind of Oak or Hickory. If I can find Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Oak chips, I’ll use them. Man are they good with steaks!


This is what I got going on the grill tonight, dry rub ribs with taters in the coals. Nothing special but should be good, smells great. We shall see…


What time is dinner?


Woot woot, I’m getting an Uber !!!


They were some of the best ribs I ever had, sorry guys me and the wife left nothing but the bones really good dinner tonight, I will sleep like a baby, counting piglets instead of sheep.lol I usually opt for a steak myself, way good, slow and low dry rub.


They make a pleasant change from the usual smoked food fayre, I usually do and you are only limited by your imagination for the fillings

Got a big family do next weekend and going to smoke 6 fatties as part of the food for the day. Planning on doing

2 pork as above

2 All day breakfast ones bacon weave brushed with maple syrup (sausage meat, scrambled egg, grated smoked cheddar, bell peppers, crumbling black pudding in half of it and maybe some sun dried tomatoes in one and swapping the bell peppers and tomatoes for jalapeno’s in the other)

1 chicken, turkey and duck breast layered with a decent sausage meat stuffing in the middle and roasted red peppers

Maybe 1 Venison steak with venison type sausage meat and sun dried tomatoes and possibly redcurrants of some form in the middle.If not a second poultry one

Bit of prep needed. But if you want to try doing a fattie of your own it suggest you youtube bacon weave for the outer part and the ziploc bag method (cutting a tiny corner off each bag to let the air out at the bottom and getting a uniform size of meat for the filling to put inside the bacon. Roll out the sausagemeat in the bag or flatten the meat with a meat hammer all inside the bag avoids a lot of mess as well.

1 other thing I find roll the fattie on parchment paper as well, as it doesn’t stick to it.

Might do a simple bacon rub to sprinkle over them all except the breakfast ones once cooked as well

They all have various cooking times on my ProQ at 225F the pork fatties take about 7 hours, the poultry just over 5 hours, the all day breakfast just over 2 hours (partly precook the bacon weave in the oven because of the short time). Never cooked venison n the smoker before, so need to do some investigating. But reckon 6 hours approx? But it is all about the right temperature than exact timings.

And of course a pot of pit beans underneath to catch the drippings off the bacon to serve alongside it with baking potatoes.

You are lucky in America from videos I have seen you have a lot of pre-flavoured sausagemeat you can buy in rolls. Here in the Uk we just sell bland sausagemeat so you have to be creative with herbs and seasonings to give it a lift.


I’m looking for an adoptive family …for myself …right at this moment. :smirk: Have any ugly daughters needin’ marryin’? Ok, spinster Aunties?

I just asked my Wife…she said “OK”


With grub like that on deck, who’s gonna say no?
:slight_smile: :rofl:


@SthrnMixer It looks like you’ve had your Rec Tec for a year now - how’s it been treating you? I’ve been thinking about picking up a pellet grill/smoker recently and I’ve been having a heck of a time trying to decide what to get.