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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Welcome to the forum @Cany !


Welcome to all the new peeps, wow I don’t see this thread often enough!


Hi everyone! Sorry it took so long for me to post here. I’ve been a member since January but haven’t posted anything until today. My wife and I quit smoking Oct. 8th 2016 and have been smoke free since. First time in thirty years for both of us. I started mixing a couple of months later. Six months later I quit vaping altogether… About a month ago I convinced my brother to try vaping in order to quit smoking. Today, he too is smoke free. I just wanted to thank everyone here for the true wealth of information that has been posted here.


Congratulations! nice going :wink:

and bloody well done sir …more lives saved :grin::ok_hand:


Welcome @XsmokerX1 :raised_hand:


Welcome to the forum @XsmokerX1 and congratz on your smoke free accomplishments !


Hi All,

New to the forum. My name is George. Been vaping for 4 yrs and DIY for 2 years.
I am down in Australia. I appreciate the wealth of knowledge that is on this forum. So thanks to all who contribute.

George. :v:


Great to have you here George :smiley:


I have been terribly slack at welcomes so welcome to all the newcomers.

@Georgio if you need help sourcing concentrates etc hit me up I am down south in Vic.


Cheers. Thats awesome. Will do.


Welcome to the ELR world @XsmokerX1 and @Georgio. It is a great place to be.:+1:t2::+1:t2:


Welcome @Georgio :raised_hand:


Welcome to the forum @Georgio !


Welcome @XsmokerX1 and @Georgio. Glad to have you along!


hi Vicky and welcome! :slight_smile:


welcome! and congratulations on quitting :slight_smile:


Hi George and welcome :slight_smile:


Thank you all soo much. Everyone on ELR is super welcoming. All ready have recieved some great advice. Thanks all.

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