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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Hey there, lady P, and and a warm welcome to you! :balloon: Another dudette in the forums is always needed, especially someone with a good sense of humor like yourself. Glad to have you aboard on the train of lunatics.


Welcome new folks!


Thanks Underanne, good to be here. Everyone knows, we girls have been creating smoke for years… {hehehe}


Lol, we’re naturals :spider:


Good Lord woman! We have an astounding amount in common. (Went lurking on your site, heehee! We may be sistahs from anothah mistah!)


And she writes :heart_eyes: She was all we could wish for!


Can NEVER have too many sisters! :wink: In my world, the more, the merrier…

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjUV-byB8ls https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjUV-byB8ls


Welcome LadyV :sparkles:

…gift for you!


Ooooo, pretties <3 So lovely and my color, too! Thank you <3

{hehehe} But, I do try to behave myself… Most of the time :laughing:


Great video. I just spent an hour wandering around on a fantastical magical pagan trip on related youtube videos. Somehow I got off course and ended up on some deep south whisky deliverance dueling banjo vids. I quickly retraced my steps to continue the great fun. Now I want to go to a Walpurgis Night Festival.


Erm…welcome…all the new …people…


Hi all call me Plume. Been vaping about three years. I live in London 40years old and work for a commuter based company. I started mixing my own juices because I felt the vaping community was being mugged off considering the simplicity in making a juice. I think and still think prices are extortionate.
I’ve been mixing for about 2 years. Admittedly I haven’t felt that my mixes have been public worthy I’m a perfectionist and won’t post them until I feel they’ve have a reached a godly perfection. I manly stick to two seasoned mixers or reputable clones. Glad to be here. I’ve been aware of this site from my early days in vaping but only decided to set up a profile last night.


And what an excellent choice it was. Welcome, Plume! :sparkles: Looking forward to your godly perfected mixes.


Thanking you in advance


Hello everyone, just wanted to introduce myself as a new member. I look forward to being part of the group and learning as much as I can as I start my vape juice journey :grin:


Welcome Mush!


There you go mushmush. That’s how you do it.
Welcome to the best forum in the world


Whether you’re a lurker or a contributor you will find this forum informative, friendly, and down to earth.
I’m relatively new myself.
Here I lurk and post, most other forums I just lurk.


Thanks… and, for some of us, careful with the run-thing, for Gawd’s sake! At times, it only spikes that darned chase reaction… {hehehe}


You will fit in just fine.

Trust me when I say this, it is a compliment. Others can vouch for me saying this.