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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Thanks :smile:


Hi Folks, I am happy to say with a little bit of help from you guys my mixing virginity is now broken and my first two flavours are steeping. Although I am dying to dive straight in and vape them. I shall I think at least wait till tomorrow, so perhaps it is not yet broken till my first vape hmm. Anyway I am really glad to have come across you all, and will look forward to sharing my recipes as well as trying a few of yours along the way. My stash is currently quite small, but hopefully by next week I should have enough to try some recipes out. :yum:


Welcome DraconaiX!


Cheers matey


Hi all, It’s me, good to be here. What a wonderful resource this site is for me since I quit cigarettes and started the vape. Just saying, it has made a great deal of difference for my health. I’m very addicted to Nicotine and hope to cut back but for now I simply enjoy the vape and the new skill mixing my own formulas (er, recipes). With your help I have a fast track on everything and my flavor totals will reach over 20 next week. I like tobacco flavors and wish to balance this off a little because by a survey I can see a heavy favor towards TPA on the flavor list. Because I run a little different I selected Nude as my first purchase for materials, I do like absolutes and go for purity within reason. I do love their Honey Tobacco and am refining, but am a newbie here, just saying for you to get to know me. Thanks everyone from DraconiX to Daarth and cheers back matey, I’m out for now.


Welcome Allen!




Don’t you love those enchanted little side roads? LOL Have met the most interesting people there…


Welcome and congrats on your first mixes!


Welcome mushmush, lots of helpful, knowledgeable people here {knowing smile} Enjoy…I know I have …Lots of ideas to prick your imagination… mwahahaha

You may enter, but you can never leave.


Always love that sound :slight_smile:


haha the sound of…


Well they have well and truly popped now, my blueberries that is :wink:


Thank you TinMan, awesome!


Underanne, Hilarious, Love your sense of humor! A passionate life cannot be without humor. See
you around then. :smile:


Correction; Daath


Hi… I’m Bill
I’m from London U.K

Just ordered a few concentrates etc which should be here tomorrow… really looking forward to start mixing some of the recipes on here

I have a feeling diy is gonna be a new obsession (to got with all the others)


Oooh yes, you’ve got that right :+1: Welcome, Billy!


Hello everyone, my name is Tim and I’ve been vaping for a couple of years now and diying for about the same. I live in New Jersey. I’ve been a lurker on this site for a while, but finally decided to sign up and fall in the rabbit hole w/everyone else :joy::joy::joy:…this site has been a big help to me and can’t wait to get to know everyone on here


Welcome Bill and Tim!