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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Is that an order or a statement? :laughing::laughing:


Jeez…yes sir!

Welcome David…:drooling_face:


Yes, everybody must welcome me.


Thanks for all the welcomes.
But I didn’t get one from @Lolly :cry:

(ok, this should be 3 more badges: edit post, mention a person and use an emoji.)
Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges…


Apparently he does not know me very well.

No welcomes for you.


Welcome to the site. Everyone except for @Daven.

Lol. JK, begrudgingly welcome.


A well placed comma would have been nice, huh? Lol.



It seems I’ve fallen behind in welcoming people again. Welcome everyone!

Yes, even @Daven. He seems like a perfect angel…relatively speaking. :smiling_imp:





How very rude of me!

Hi there - New guy here, what up?

Hello everyone!! I’m new here and just wanted to introduce myself and I’m so excited to say I had my last stinky cigarette January 15th of this year and I can honestly say that I haven’t even wanted to pick up another one since I started vaping…wow, I really never thought I would say that! My husband and I bought vape pens from our local cig store more than a year ago and failed miserably at quitting. We hated the way it scratched the back of our throats so that only lasted about 3 weeks. I had no intentions to quit smoking when I came across our old setup this January but I thought what the hell, I’m just gonna see if I can at least cut down and I picked up the vape pen again! After watching countless videos and reading up on vaping and why we were experiencing the throat irritation I knew I could do it by finding what works for us! I ordered some flavors, new tanks, and some pg and vg with 24mg of nic only spending half of what I would have spent on a carton of cigs! Experimenting with the flavors and pg/vg % has become a hobby for me now. :heart_eyes: I live in a small town in Louisiana and I don’t see anyone vaping! I know they are here somewhere because there is 2 vape shops nearby but I buy all my supplies online to save money so I’ve never gone in.


Welcome @Crystal103002


Anywhere close to St. James Parrish? For a pound of pure whole leaf Perique, I’ll be your buddy and your personal ejuice mixing chef for life! :rofl:


That’s about 2 hours away from me and I’ve never heard of perique so I doubt I would be any help with that :rofl:


Sokay… the buddy offer stands on account you’re from Louisiana. :blush:

…say hey to the folks now!


Thanks for the welcome. Replying to this email should give me yet another badge…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


https://silverscreenings.files.wordpress.com/2016/03/58288032.jpg?w=663 :laughing:



Hey guys I’m a newbie from the UK :blush: i stopped smoking and started vaping in January and now can’t wait to start mixing my own e liquids and feel like a scientist/walterwhite haha. Currently still researching and shopping around for best mixing kits and flavour bundles to get me started. This site is amazing had some great advice already and checked out some awesome diy juices that I can’t wait to try out for myself. Happy vaping and mixing everyone :grinning::wind_face::fog::cloud::microscope::syringe::balance_scale::skull_and_crossbones::grinning: