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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Right back at you brother. LMFAO!!!


Welcome aboard man, always good to see another reviewer on ELR, I’ve just checked out your site man looks awesome, and over 200 reviews!..good stuff man :wink:

Ignore Skeletor up there, he’s still butthurt over losing castle Greyskull…and I’m fairly certain he’s in love with me…but then…he is only human…so who can blame him… :wink:


You know I kid around. You are spot on with your reviews. I love reading them. Gotta screw with you somehow someway. If I don’t do it who will?


Everyone man, everyone screws with me on a daily basis I live off that shit lmaoo…

And thank you :wink:

but still fuck off :kissing_heart:


I don’t buy much juice anymore. I’ve never had a YouTube channel. Just stuck to reviewing on JuiceDB and a few reviews on Reddit. I won a couple giveaways relatively recently, so I have about four juices in the review queue. I’ll get to them eventually.

There is a UFC thread floating around here somewhere but it hasn’t been active as of late.

Thanks. It’s pretty rare I miss a fight night. UFC Fight Night this weekend, I think it’s on FS1, but I always stream them because I don’t have cable. I might have to bump the thread as it gets closer.


Wow! Even more new folks coming out of the wood work and a bit of the aforementioned debauchery too. :smirk: You know who you are…



Debauchery where? You point them out and me and @Pugs1970 will personally take care of them.


See, you know who you are. :smile:


Please Pugs and I are innocent :innocent:.


Total fucking angels man :ok_hand::grin:


Hallo guys, i’m bowo from Indonesia, still new to this e-liquid mixing world, so i’m hoping i can learn a lot from all of the member here, thank you


Welcome!! Glad to have you here. :smile:


Welcome bowo!


[quote=“Boww_o, post:434, topic:112602”]
I can learn a lot from all of the member here
[/quote]Greetings and welcome!
If you stick with it you will undoubtedly learn a ton of stuff here, the folks here are a treasure trove of all things DIY and vaping in general.


Welcome to our humble abode @Boww_o from Indonesia…

Don’t think we’ve had any Indioneesia…Indonisian…Indonsians…Ind…people from Indonesia before…

Unless of course you’re not from Indonesia and that’s actually your full name…I knew a bloke called Darren England once…his middle name wasn’t ‘From’ though…and good job too really seeing as he was Welsh…he was also a dick.

I hope you brought cookies @Boww_o From Indonesia …otherwise you can’t come in…sorry…


@Boww_o … the password is “Swordfish”. :grin:


Hello all you suckers.
I am from California and new to vaping and mixing. Waiting on my mixing kit from Nic Riv, can’t wait to put my alchemist skills to the test. I started vaping at the end of March, 2017. Had my last cigarette April 1st, no joke. I smoked for 40 years, glad to be done with those nasty, smelly things. This website is fantastic, and have already made several recipes with the calculator. Hope to be mixing in the next couple of days. Things are looking sweet from here on out. Vape on!



Welcome Daven and all other newer cloud beasts,lol. Daven, your gonna love that kit. I’m abut the same as you after 43 years. Been almost 3 months with no cigs and couldn’t be happier. You’ll find like I and many others, this to be a great Forum and a serious wealth of info and did I mention Flavors/Recipes??? Looking forward to what you can bring in from the “Left” Coast.


Welcome in @Daven. It’s always good to see another Californian kick the Analog nasty’s. Did 40 plus years of the Casket Nails myself.


Welcome David.