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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Hello! I’m Gert and I’m from Belgium. Pleased to meet you all.

Started vaping exactly 3 months ago. I discovered vaping by watching a gaming stream and saw a guy inhaling on some type of machine and wanted to find out all about that. 2 hours of research later, I decided to buy my first crappy 12W vape pen the day after. The guy in the vape shop was giving advice and basically said: “There are only a few chemicals in this liquid, and very well known: PG, VG …”. While he was saying this, the first thing that came to my mind was: If the composition is this simple, I could probably make it myself, and much cheaper at that! And so two weeks after my first vape, I was mixing my own liquids from recipes here for a lot cheaper (and better tasting aswell).

I am now attempting to take the next step: trying to make my own recipes and maybe giving something back to the community which managed to save me a lot of money (and since I supply my mates with juice aswell, them too!) DIY mixing is becoming so much more then just a money saving activity for me: It is turning into a hobby quickly!

Sorry for the long story, nice to meet you all :slight_smile:


Hey Gert. welcome to the club.


Glad you showed up.


Glad you showed up . Hope it works for you.


@Leilani @Gert, @Ailith

Welcome in one and all.


Hi, I am new to the online vaping community and have really enjoyed the people I have met so far. I thought I should formally introduce myself…
My name is Sherri, and I quit smoking in '14, thanks to vaping.
Hi, everyone!


Hi Sherri and welcome to the Funhouse.


Welcome aboard! :grin:


Warning! you are entering the Twilight Zone . Glad you are here it will be Fun. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi guys! My name’s Tony. I recently got into vaping, about a month ago. I started out with a Kanger DRIPBOX Starter kit.


Welcome Tony and glad your here. You’ll find all sorts of great information and helpful people on this great site. Your in the same boat as most of us so get some oars, get your feet wet by reading and join the fun.


Hello I’m new here, live in the UK, been vaping 2 years nearly and mix my own, not very good, juice


Welcome @hammer98 and fellow UKer @Flossy!

Good to have you here :grin:


This forum will remedy that issue… lots of info here… lots of helpful folks… enjoy!


Thank you :grinning:


Thank you


Welcome in @Flossy
Just add 3-5% Sucralose and even Pickle Juice becomes high end premium vapable E liquid. :slight_smile: LOL
Start reading and you’ll soon be making tasty stuff.
Boot Polish is my specialty, and yes that is one of my works in progress.


Cool :grinning:


:grinning:I’ll watch out for the boot polish then lol
Thank you for making me welcome


@Flossy, Welcome t the forums… I am also new, and also not very satisfied with my mediocre mixes. So far I have found some great recipes, plus I have met some incredibly nice people here. Super helpful and friendly!

@hammer98, Welcome! I have never had a mod before, but just ordered a Dripbox 2. I can’t wait for it to get here. How do you like yours so far?