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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


hello, guys, i’m Manny, i just have vaped for half a year, so that i may say i am new in vaping, if you guys have some great idea about recipe or starter kit, you can tell me , i’ll appreciate it.


Welcome ! :grin:


Welcome :grinning:


Okie Dokie Then :grinning:


:grinning: Welcome !


Will try and do better on replys, shit man i’m new and old. Did not know you could reply to multiples :sweat_smile:


Welcome @manny123 :raised_hand:


Hey guys n girls
I’m another crazy Aussie that has been lurking (reading and researching) here for a while before making an account. I guess that line never gets old around here right? lol

ELR has been a great place for info on vaping and diy for me, also made me pull the trigger on that cart too. Many thx to those posters that come before me.

As of today 12 days no ciggies and loving the vapes. Just the basic sh!t for now, but got my eye on a couple of mixers that inspired me with the way they mix and talk about their recipes.

I hope I don’t offend too many people in my travels here, I’m a bit gruff around the edges with a wacky racers kinda sense of humor, but it’s ok to flame the crap out me too, I debate not argue hehehee ( Sorry officer Dolittle, but I was only debating what an @sshole this guy was before he punched me )

OK I guess I’ll go back to reading and lurking, but I promise to post often and and and ummm somewhat helpful stuff if I can.

hugs n handshakes



Welcome @DaFeral :raised_hand:


Welcome mate us Aussies are a bit thin on the ground around here hit me up if you need any help sourcing stuff locally.

A big sorry to all the other new people I have been very slack with the welcomes but welcome one and all.


Welcome to the recent comers!
(you hush VapeyMama, TheTinMan1, and the rest of “the reprobate crew”… :stuck_out_tongue: ROFL, I already know where some minds went! )

You’ve all wandered into a very friendly, helpful, and frequently comical lot here! (So, have sunglasses handy, as once in a while, there’s some things you just can’t unsee) lol

Do ask questions (you won’t be char-broiled for it, like some places) but also, please please use the search function. You’ll be amazed at the breadth of topics that have already been covered, as well as the depth! 90% of the time, your question has been covered!

Don’t be afraid to necro (comment on an old thread) if it’s on topic with your question/concern.
Better to keep an old thread open (so there’s consistency) than have 20 new ones on the same thing (that’s been asked before).

Lol. No worries! There’s also Edit (to combine the others into your first post) and ‘delete’ (the trash can) buttons (once you’ve combined the others)! :wink:

So even after the fact, you can still fix things (should they ever go wonky)! :grin:


Hello Manny. Welcome to ELR.

As far as a starter kit I know that some have used Liquid Barn with varying results. I purchased most of my things individually. Like scales, flavors, pipette, mixer, PG and VG.

For flavors, herr is a good starting thread


Welcome! And congrats on 12 days smoke free.


@JoJo can I get Reprobate beside my name. Either that or masturbate? I want to be a recent comer.


Who me?!!! :smirk: I have no idea what you’re talking about!


I know sweet lady! You’re innocent as the… Oh who am I kidding. hugs :laughing:


Freaking angelic over here. :innocent:


Oh! And a big juicy welcome to all the new comers! :kissing_heart:


I actually prefer a female of German descent. Just saying :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Thx for the welcome everyone :0P

@TheTinMan1 thx man, I know some will hate me, but I haven’t had a single cravin to pick up ciggies so far…I am vapin with 12mg nic atm, I guess that helps :yum:

@woftam thx mate, I’m using steamery and JF ATM, but I saw your post earlier in here about the guy that you know on Ebay that sells TFA cheap. I dunno what I like yet but will poke you if TFA make the fav list…thx again :0)