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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Cheers mate - some tfa are good but more often not best in show :grinning:


Hello all, came across this wonderful place when I started researching DIY E-Liquid and glad I did. I am that person that completely researches something before I take action and this place made that much easier. Just actually ordered the NicRiver DIY kit because it was a deal that couldn’t be passed up. Will be ordering a scale in the next couple of weeks to make the switch from all of the advice here. Also just upgraded from my 2yr old mech mod/tobh atty combo to a GX350 mod w/ TFV8 tank and RBA deck. Before you say so, yes I’m fully aware the 350 is absurd but I’ve enjoyed it thus far and you can’t really beat the battery life.


Welcome @Tarquinus :slight_smile:


Thanks @Mark_Turner. Figured I’d finally quite lurking and at least introduce myself lol



You can’t really lurk. There is not much more room in the bushes. Plus there is a zombie lurking there too. @Mizzz_Z_Hobbit


The shadows are vast, obscuring legions that you will never see. :sunglasses:

Welcome all the new folks! Plenty of room for all, even in the light of the open forum. :wink:


Hello and welcome @Tarquinus, :raised_hand:
Sure is a great place for total newbies like me and new to diy. I spent 2 months on and off just reading stuff for research, half of that was just LMAO @ these crazy folks. :laughing: Worth the couple of hours just to read this whole thread let alone the rest of the great stuff on the site.

I had to leave my cozy bush over there :eyes:,I think someone/thing died and it’s starting to smell :poop:


Hello! My name is Karen,from Indianapolis Indiana. I quit smoking with vaping on November 30, 2015. I have never looked back! I’ve been wanting to learn to make my own juice for about year now, but I won 1500 ml of juice in a couple of drawings, and then was given a bunch, so I never ran out. I’m running out now, and ready to learn! I have my flavors, my nic, and bottles, and the scale and pg should be here in a couple of days. I’m pretty excited about it and happy to be a member of this forum. :flushed:


Grats on quitting and welcome to the family. Dont hesitate to ask questions and join in on the discussion, we are pretty friendly around here.


But 350 does sound cool, Welcome :sunglasses:


A big hello to all the new peoples!

Good to have you here :grin:


Welcome @Kboz1955 :raised_hand:


Thank you!


Welcome in Karen.

(Not Mine)
I’ll assume the 1955 in your name holds some significance.
It WAS a very good year for people and cars and trucks.
Ohh look somebody’s avatar looks suspiciously like another 1955 Ford truck. :slight_smile:


Welcome!!! It’s fun here, you’ll like it. :grin:


Welcome to ELR! Congrats on beong,smoke free for a year and a half. That is quite an accomplishment.

Good luck on yiur DIY journey. You came to the rigjt place!


I’m not sure I need to really be vaping anything 350 Watts but it is nice to not be confined by healthy boundaries lmao. Vaping for over a day at 140w has only used up about a quarter of my batteries so there is always that.


Hi Bob! Yes I was born in 55. That’s a great truck! Some of the best
things came from 1955.! :slight_smile: thanks forb the welcome!


Hi @Kboz1955 :grin: Welcome to ELR

I love old American cars, very rare to see any here in Australia, but GM Holden made like baby versions in the late 50’s of US models. My all time Fav is 57Chev, the 2 door pilarless

mmm so sexyyyy :heart_eyes:


Hi everyone, I’ve been vaping since January due to a heart attack. Ive found the good juices are fairly expensive, so here I am. This seemed like a pretty open and informative group to learn from. I’m open to any and all suggestions, tips, tricks or advice, and am appreciative for your knowledge. I have also found I like vanilla custard the most, so any tried and true recipes and also equipment suggestions would be helpful.