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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


It is me! I changed it on the forum because my recipes are under this name ‘Silhouette’ so I didn’t want to confuse anybody if they looked at my recipe page. :slight_smile:


Well it is fabulous dear :+1::smiley:


Aw thanks Lolly, that brightened my day!


I thought I recognized that profile. Anyway …
Welcome Silhouette :grinning:


Thank ya, I really meant to get around to this post, just kept putting it off. I procrastinate a bit.


Hey :slight_smile:well, i was impolite, and introduced myself here instead by mistake . Whereupon I was greeted with a slight_smile (yeah, spelled out, NOT the Emoji, though i believe it was acrually an emoji that got lost in translation, TBH) plus a redirection over here.

I did not feel welcome chuckle but hey! that’s been pretty much fixed already. :smiley: (proper smile)
For those who can’t be arsed to follow links, I’ll repeat my introduction, It goes like this:

Hi from Sunny England
Weeeell, it;s a little bit sunny ATM,. * squints through the window at the variecoloured sky *

I also post on the UK forum , Planet of the Vapes. I call myself jay2 there. I meant to register here as jay2 , to match, but something went awry with that, as you see

I’ve been vaping for years but relatively new to mixology. I’ve found some of the info on this forum to be invaluable , so I figured, high time I joined and said “Hi”. And thanks :D.

I only do PG-free, cos I’m allergic to PG. Like I said on another thread, I really think we could do with a PG-free subforum, cos it’s not very easy to Pg-free vapers to get together and compare notes. The main problem with that is that PG isn’t a word, according to every search engine on this planet. So if your search for PG free stuff, you’ll get offerered every kind of freedom on earth , except the freedom from PG. That fiddly little “PG” part just gets ignored.

Thank goodness diacetyl is a word, hmm? Otherwise diacetyl free would probably never have come about, it would have been too hard to look for it and market it…
All the best,

jay2 (plus 208 )


Welcome to the forum Jay…I’m not sure but I think I may have seen you on POTV…I’m UK too :wink:


Welcome @jay210


Hi and welcome to the forum, Jay. :balloon:

I’m sorry you got the wrong impression of what @MisterSinner tried to do for you - he is truly one of our highly respected and most gentle gems.


well done, if you have spotted me! i don’t post very often (went nearly 3 years w/o posting ) and i look just like all the other apes. That said, i’m now attemping to be a tad more sociable, now I’m wheedling for a PG-free subforum chuckle . Nice to meet a fellow limey here :slight_smile:


I already said hello to you on the other post so I’m not doing it again, damnit!
Just joking. Don’t ever take me seriously. None of my ex-wives did and they’re happy now :grinning:

Welcome to you and everyone else I’ve missed in the past months.


NP :slight_smile: I thought the “thin smile” errr “slight smile” thing was funny. Coupled with the "Oi! Go over there! " (alright , so that 's a very loose paraphrase), it made him come across as a disapproving schoolmaster type.
Honestly, I can see how it all added up to create the WRONG impression. But , anyways, maybe I’ve got a warped sense of humour, but I find it hilarious. That’s my only reason for drivelling on about it. Don’t worry!


Thank you for the kind words sis.


Ooooh, Sir is watching * hides *


Welcome, Jay.


Harty Hairly Hello @New folks this week :japanese_ogre: Welcome to ELR :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I get to take off my training wheels tomorrow when my vape mail arrives, My 1st sub-ohm drippa! :grin:


Hi All…I’ve been stalking this thread for a while waiting for the right spot to jump in. Guess this is it. So, been vaping for a couple of years and got into DIY to save some money. Like most of us that have been at it a while, I’ve been through the elation of making a jaw dropping mix and the let down of creating something that is like an old tennis shoe, grass clippings, and fabric softener combined. The community here on ELR and the resources available on the site are what keep me happy and vaping day after day…So, greetings all and happy vaping!


Welcome aboard :grin::+1:


Greetings @FMAM :raised_hand:
Good Luck & Good Mixing :kissing::dash::dash::dash::dash:


Sooooo many people to say welcome to, far to many to name :roll_eyes:, so I’ll just say, welcome to the best tinterwebs site on the planet. :nerd_face:
Pull up a chair, grab your vape and dig in, there’s everything you need to know, and could possibly want to know, right here. With a wealth of knowledge and experience that you will find nowhere else.
And just remember, the only stupid question, is the one you didn’t ask :wink:
WELCOME :smiley::dash::dash::dash: