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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


@nroutz @draig @SegJu


I was just gonna post something similar but of course @Pugs1970 beat me to it again :wink:

My bosom is not that ample but I would still like to welcome you all :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:




thank you so much for sharing, i’ll choose the ones i interested in and have a try.:grin:


Thank you, not something I wish to try again


Been mixing for about 2 years, has cost me a lot in flavoring but saved a ton on not buying commercial stuff, and its way better tasting.


Awesome! Welcome again, Can’t wait to see you around the forum!


Hallo everyone! Glad that you all are here! :smile:


Welcome to ELR @Marsubiplami! Great to have you here with us :grin:


And WE’RE glad that YOU’RE here! :grin: Welcome!


Welcome @Marsubiplami :slight_smile:


I am also glad that I am here!

We already have something in common :smiley:


Hello I am Mona! wink wink wink


Hello Mona! Great to have you with us :grin:


Hi there, Mona, and welcome to ELR! :balloon:


A warm welcome to the newcomers.


Hello @Ducky_Mona Welcome :slight_smile:


Welcome all newcomers!


I never posted in here, totally should have though. My name is Amber and I’ve mixed a little over a year but didn’t use the forum until a few months ago (I honestly never looked at the forum button). My hubby and I quit smoking 2 years ago on right before Christmas as a gift to our kids, and it has been a fun journey ever since. This has been an amazing community, where I don’t feel judged or criticized, and I thank all the members for that. I am going to donate to Lars in a week, and I thank him for creating the absolute best DIY community space for fellow mixers to be a part of something great. I loves y’all!


Is that you with a jazzy new name Amberina? Like it :smiley:

If not…ignore me and continue with your day :laughing::laughing::laughing: