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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


^^^^^ Whut he said. :slight_smile:


Welcome @MonicaAl :raised_hand:


Good to have you here :grin:


To all newcomers…


Just simply curious, why you use ‘e-juice-me-up’ when there is ELR e-Liquid Calculator ?
I did it the opposite direction, started at EJMU (second week it was online) before I found ELR.

Although EJMU has changed and grown (tools), ELR calculator had more tools from the get go.

Just curious, that’s all.


welcome @MonicaAl


I can’t figure out how to add a bio to my profile :thinking: anyone know?


From preferences, you click on account, then profile. :wink:


THANK YOU! I’ve been looking for that for days


Fabulous to see you! Hope all is well with you and yours?


I am just here for a whisper
Got my chips now in the crisper
She has my heart in a twister
Not knowing how much I have missed her

Stumble in stumble out
Attempt at giving a smiling shout
Sometimes my words are far too stout
Yet gone again without a doubt


That is beautiful.

You are very much missed, and not just by me! Stay stumbled in not stumbled out! :kissing_heart:


Hi , I’m new to the community… I started vaping in January, and haven’t had a cigarette since.
I started tinkering with rdas right out of the gate and building my own coils in order to save money.
About a month ago I started tinkering with my own e-juice recipes.


Welcome to ELR and congrats on quitting!


How do I use an avatar


In the top, right corner click the big R, your current avatar, and then the preferences symbol. From there you can change your avatar and other settings. :slight_smile:


U can go onto gravatar and setup your email and picture there. It’ll automatically transfer over when u do. Oh, and welcome :grin:


Thanks Ken, strawnana was the first recipe I made off this site…


Happy to help, and i hope you enjoyed. :slight_smile:


I’m new to the site and DIY eJuice. I’ve been vaping for several years getting off the cigarettes but still working my way down on the nicotine. I’ve mixed a few basic recipes so far and things are looking up. Thanks to everyone for their contributions, this is a great community!