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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


That’s one of the best parts of DIY, total control!


I guess I should re-introduce myself, since I’ve been MIA for a while. My name is Pat, and I live in SW PA. I have been vaping for about 5 years now.

I was on here for a while late last year, but then life got really crazy, and not necessarily in a good way. I had been working two jobs trying to move my career in a new direction (from retail management to software implementation and development). I’m finally back down to one job, although still not making any more then I was in retail, but I have weekends off and go home at 5 so I’m much happier with the situation.

Anyways, just wanted to say hi again to all my old friends and new ones to come!


Welcome home! Glad things are settling down, and look forward to seeing your posts around again!


welcome @Squid3, @phager and @robo_juice!


Welcome home! :smiley:

And welcome to your new home @Squid3 and @robo_juice :grin:


Hey @ozo are you back in the states ?


Hi all,
lovely vape family you got here lads and lasses.

Me Vlad, you dont come to me, I come to you :smiley:

Feels good and very informative to read through your posts. Learned so much here. Thankful :kissing_heart:
I am off the cigs for roughly 4,5 months now. Smoked since I was 13 :frowning:
Hope I never go back that road again.
Stay well all :+1:


Hello everyone
My names Cody and I smoked for 14 years starting at the age of 13 (28 now). I have been on and off the vaping train a few times in the last 3 years but starting to DIY has helped me stay off the analogs. Im very happy to be part of this great community and really appreciate the help and convo that goes on here. been off analogs for about 6 months now and no plans of going back!


Welcome @VladVlad :+1:


Welcome @AuraBorealis :+1:


Welcome @VladVlad and @AuraBorealis! Always glad to see new people!


Welcome to all the new and not so new people. Now…


Welcome to our little family @AuraBorealis and @VladVlad . Great place to learn some new things all about vaping.


I know this is well overdue, but welcome! I loved reading your story and how you provide juices to people while they are in treatment! Then show them how to set themselves up to mix,That is such a great story!!


I have no idea either, why would you be associated with recent comers? :innocent: You’ve been here quite a while!?!?:joy::joy::joy:


Hello all new members from the past few months! I ran out of :heart:️ For a few hours so I couldn’t give all your introductions the love they deserve! I have not been on this thread in a while and feel badly for not giving you all a proper welcome! So, to make up for that,a gift from me to you!! :joy::joy::joy:


No idea how you got a hold of a picture of Pugs pre-tatoo era… But it’s a Jim-Dandy! :rofl:
/runs like hell


Hi my name is Philip end the PAM in my profile is derived from my initials. No relationship to Pamela Anderson LOL… Could not find a place yet to introduce myself so i put it down here. Smoked for 25 years …started vaping on and off for last 2 years. Had a back opperation a year ago and only vaped since.New to DIY so learning alot here and enjoy the forum…Just a hallo from my side .From South Africa

Peace and Vape On


Oh my how far the mighty pugs unicorn man has fallen since that photoshoot. @Steampugs


Welcome @PAM9 :raised_hand: