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Be polite and introduce yourself! (2017)


Hey Pugs - I keep thinking men are women. But I can’t fault myself, too much, when the username starts with MRS…


Where do I go to talk about members’ opinions on nic (it’s properties, vendors, etc.)? I guess I’m asking for nic reviews?


No luck on Netflix but I’ve seen it in the dollar bin at walmart so it should be easy enough to find a copy of for not much coin


Thank you, kind sir!


I don’know if you’ll find what you’re after in this thread, but it’s worth a read:


TY, Underanne. Um, would you be a woman named anne or a man under a woman named anne? Oh, nevermind…


If you don’t mind me answering, she is a woman named Anne. I am a man trying to figure out how to get under Anne. Alas, she has sent me away many times. But I’m no quitter!


Ok, I’m thinking about changing my profile name now, this can’t go on. If anything I’m not UNDER anyone, lol.



/10 chracters.


Ha ha, I hear you, loverboy.


I’ll give you a hint " Learn to play guitar " :laughing:


Well, I introduced myself in the “my vaping story” thread as I didn’t see this. So… Hi My name is Walt. I’m a vaper! Fairly new to vaping and new to this forum. Taking to vaping like a duck to water. In two months I’ve progressed from a ego aio to a Smok GX350. Love building RTA’s and RDA’s. Have made two batches of home brew so far which I absolutely love. Have another batch of flavors and a scale on order. Time to put the laboratory into full swing along with the help of recipes and folks here.


Welcome and that is a funny gif. I feel like that everytime I step into the lab and dry burning my coils. Lol.


Reminds me of an old joke:

If I decide to serve your breakfast in bed, I would like to be thanked for once. Not all this, “Who are you?! And how did you get in my house?!”-nonsense…


What’s the difference between a guitarist and god? God doesn’t think he’s a guitarist. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::grin:


Good thing I was a Drummer 1st :laughing:


Hi everyone, just signed up. I have actually not even started diy juice yet. Looking into for awhile now . So I look forward to trying it and seeing what I end up with. Juice up in Canada is crazy expensive for the most part and only recently found places to get nic from legally lol.


Welcome aboard @bluejay84 :+1::grin:


Yep, I like you! :joy: You’re going to fit in nicely here.


Hi guys and welcome to out great community! :balloon: @Walt3 @bluejay84