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Nude vs Select Nicotine


Has anyone done a head to head comparison of the nicotine from
https://www.nicotineriver.com/ Nic select
https://www.nudenicotine.com/ Nude
I know the service is great at NR, and the prices are lower at NR than Nude for the base I plan to order, I would be willing to spend more if the Nude Nicotine is truely better though. I did try Nude’s free sample and I have to say it worked great and was smooth. Nicotine River is so smooth though I was planning to get a titration kit to prove their product is as strong as I am ordering lol.
Any input or suggestions would be appreciated

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not nude but ive had others before settleing on nicselect it is hands down the best ive ever used


Check with @wotfam I know he is using NN he may have a comparison for you.


Never used nic select but I will say that NN smooth is just that - I don’t like the throat hit that some people like and nn smooth has none.
I did used to buy my nic from a site in New Zealand and it was a bit harsh.

NN is just right for me - I guess it is just when you find something you like people tend to stick to a known product that they like rather than take a chance on an unlnown.


You’ll be happy with either one, but happier with nic select because it’s cheaper. I’ve used both and can’t tell a difference, so the cheaper one wins for me.


I got a free sample from nude nicotine some time ago. I had them send me 100mg nic and I diluted it myself to the 36mg base I’m used to using. I noticed a better nicotine effect from that Nude nicotine than from NR 36mg base I bought. The NR 36mg base seems smoother and less effect but I can order 250ML PG+1L VG+1L Nicotine base+Titration kit+Sugar cookie (CAP), and the order is less than just buying the 1L 36mg Nude Nicotine. $64 Nude Nicotine for just nicotine vs $50.05 Nic Select at https://www.nicotineriver.com/
Has anyone done a titration test on NR Nicotine?


ill have to try that nude nicotine , if its free lol , do you think bc it is smoother it may seem wweaker. to you ??? or could you tell another way for me i dont get any buzzz from nic anymore but when stressed ill grab my vape and puff lol


You took the words right out of my mouth.
I’ve had nn and ns in different juices at the same time and I couldn’t tell the difference.


The only Nic I have tried is Nude Nicotine. I will say though that I dont see any reason to try any others. I have a number of juices that I make in both 0 and 3 Nic becuase I like to vape the 0 at night. I truely cant taste any difference. Even after 2-3 months of steeping.


Well @CosmicTruth, I’ve had both and I cannot tell any difference, to me they are equally clean and have zero detection in my e-liquid. This is my experience up to 6mgs of nicotine if this helps you any.



Both are identical in terms of being flavorless IMO.

The biggest point of distinction comes in the aspect of consistency of product (safety).

Strictly anecdotal evidence, but I got two samples of NN, and one was slightly low in nic content (mg), and the other was well over. Both were supposed to be 100mg. (I did not titrate either sample, but one seriously made my head spin -and was confirmed by another, and the other batch had to use a fair bit more to get the “normal effect”) Hardly scientific I admit. But I trust what my body tells me.

Given the length of time, and issues that Nude has had in delivering consistent product, it’s simply not worth the risk when we have a vendor like @Nicotine_River providing consistent, first class product, in a safe and timely manner.

Good luck in your hunt though!

Tried nic select, and the consistency was as expected, and no coloration of the mixes (WRT taste).

Edit: check Google for nude Nicotine problems. You’ll find a ton of folks with problematic experiences over the last year (almost two) when dealing with NN. I’m not just an isolated incident!


I remember reading about this before. I don’t remember if it was you that brought it up though. If I had to pick a nic company where this wouldn’t happen, I’d pick NN… They just seem to have a more professional image than other companies imo. I’m not saying you’re wrong, just saying I’m surprised.


I definitely get what you’re saying. But while often times “brand appearance” or image is telling about their resources, and usually translates to quality of product… Nic Select is still “building their brand recognition” IMO.

NN is like RCA or Zenith at this point (again, only my opinion), and has been living off of their past successes for quite sometime.

Nicotine content is not something I’m willing to gamble with. But, I’m just one person. I’d recommend comparing the results (others historical experiences) with the two companies over the last two years (using Google) and make your own informed decisions! :wink:

When I last looked, I couldn’t find any one mentioning consistency problems and Nicotine River in the same breath. Given the products are equal, that last fact sold me (along with all the glowing recommendations from vets here) on NS from NR.


Yes you just pay for shipping, you can get any strength up to 100mg, so I suggest getting 100mg and diluting it to your prefered working strength.

I make sure I get a buzz, I vape 11mg chain. What can I say we like Nicotine (and flavor) at high levels.

It seemed I had more of a buzz from NN, but maybe the sample I got was rich?

That may have been my problem, seems the NS doesn’t give me the buzz NN gave, but it may be I’m comparing it to a sample that may have been stronger than 100mg. NR’s NicSelect is so smooth, seemed Nude had a tiny bit of a bite.

Thank you all for your input. I believe I am sold on Nicotine River Nic Select. But I am also thinking it may be interesting to purchase small containers of NN and NS to Titrate test.


I know I would definitely be interested in seeing how that plays out!


I agree really no difference between nn and ns. Ns is 45$ for a 100mg liter can’t go wrong with that.


When I have trouble getting a buzz I just toss one of my Adderalls in the tank.:wink:


Nicotine in a vaporiser is not addicting to me. I can just not vape for 1-2 hours then chain hit my 11mg juice and I get the buzz. When I smoked I couldn’t go that long without my fix. As a matter of a fact I can quit vaping, I’m sure, Indefinitely but I like the relaxing feel and mild dizziness I experience when I vape.
My first vapes in the morning are the best flavor and buzzz. :smile:


I can’t rave enough about hiliq.com. I’ve gotten nude nic, ecigexpress (also uses nic select), my freedom smokes, chemnovatic (from heartland), liquid barn (nic select), and vaporstek nic (everyone on another forum used to praise). My favorite so far has been hiliq. I’ve found that it’s the clearest and least harsh of them all. Runner up would be chemnovatic but part of that could be that they had just launched it and it was fresh. Most nic select to me has always been a little pink when I received it and it’s definitely harsh compared to the 2 I mentioned.


The Nude vs Select showdown has begun, I ordered from both companies on Dec 24 2016 at 3pm, we will see how they compare.