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I was actually making this for a buddy of mine. He loves root beer, but hates the creamy element in float vapes. All the plain root beer vapes he had tried were too heavily anise flavored for him. So, my goal was to dance around the creamy float part while laying down the vanilla to cover the anise aftertaste.


Maybe this is what you’re looking for? Vanilla note WITHOUT the cream? Welcome to the forum @Tang and Happy Mixing!


That’s definitely on my shopping list. Just started mixing, so I currently ONLY have about 20 flavors to work with. But you’re right, it was still too creamy for him. Fortunately, everybody else in the shop thought it was the bees’ knees.


Hey guys. New here, started DIY’ing about a month ago.

Like most of us, from humble beginnings four years ago, I’ve moved into Sub-Ohming and then into RBTA’s then RDA’s and now finally DIY. Rabbit hole FTW lol.

To start with, DIY was because I couldn’t afford the premiums anymore as I was burning so much juice. Now it’s quickly becoming a hobby of mine, and I have a fast-growing stash of flavours to play with. I’m still pretty green but I feel I’m improving with each mix. Still need to work on my patience for steeping and also keeping notes. Have so many bottles of I-don’t-know-what!

I’ve also found DIY has made me appreciate flavours more. I was out and out fruit and menthol, now I seem to be getting a taste for bakery and desert flavours.

This site and community is awesome. Great to share ideas and experience.


Welcome aboard to ELR :+1::tada:


No your awesome. Welcome to the fam.


Welcome @Number23 :raised_hand:


I’m Levi or known by a small amount of Vapers as “The Levin” from Oddmods vape reviews, my friend and I do reviews on mods and usually do live streams promoting juices and whilst that’s all fun and good I’ve come to notice that a lot of juice these days have become coil killers and I’m sick of cleaning my tank/coils every 12 hrs, personally I think it’s a joke so I’ve decided to start making my own, I got myself a little starter kit to give it a go and was recommended this place for recipes, so here I am, depending on how easy I find making juice will probably dictate on how much I comment but I look forward to going through the archives and creating some banging juice.



Welcome @The_Levin :raised_hand:


Welcome @Number23 and @The_Levin. :wink:

I have only been around a couple of months and I have found so many people willing to share their knowledge and experience.

Go the vaping journey, each indiviual has a story and their own path, but all paths lead to the same place… I want the best tasting juice. :rofl:


welcome aboard Levin, happy to have you here 🖒


Hi to all on here. I’m neil and new here, look forward to getting to know you all


Hi to all on here. I’m new and look forward to getting to know you all.


This is the place to post your Intro Good to have you here and Welcome to ELR :smiley:


Yay! Welcome to the forums, glad to have ya. :slight_smile:


Welcome @MrT6 :raised_hand:


Hi all :grin: Not new to vaping, just new here.

I’ve been vaping off and on for a while now, so I’m by no means an expert. I’ve been tinkering with tossing my hat into the whole “DIY” thing and see how it goes. I’m looking forward to meeting new people and gaining as much knowledge as I can along the way.



Good to have you here James :smiley:


Welcome @Vapin_Dude :raised_hand:


Hello, Tim from Belgium, trying to become a DIY"'r" (sorry english is not my native language)