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Vanilla note WITHOUT the cream?


Been trying to find a vanilla flavoring that doesn’t have a cream note. Any suggestions?

Closest I’ve found is Vanillin from TPA, but it still has some creamy/thick mouthfeel texture to it.

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Vanilla Swirl TPA does not seem creamy to me at all. It’s more like powdered french vanilla coffee creamer. The problem with that is it has a dry mouth feel as well which seems unpleasant to me. Hopefully others will have more information.


A pure vanilla that isn’t as creamy as the rest out there would be Vanilla Tahiti FA http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/8270 then again it’s has a light taste of almond or marzipan underlyingly.

Another nice full flavor Vanilla is by MF http://medicineflower.com/581.html


Tried Vanilla Swirl, def less custardy then the others (minus Vanillin) but still too full for me.


Vanilla MF, full how?

Remember the Dentyne Ice Vanilla Chill flavor? That vanilla note was super shallow/light. That’s the vanilla I’m going for. Almost like a vanilla essence.


I use the hell out of Flavor West Madagascar Vanilla. It tastes and seems to be a real Vanilla bean extract that’s been so very useful to me all the way into knock your socks off at 16%!
Its a dark mix that might mess with your coils but not very much for me so far. Because it’s a shake and vape flavor in my experience I use it like salt and pepper to jazz up anything I want.
Let me know if I can help as Vanilla in many forms is my main vape theme with 10oz a year going up in vape.


FA has 3 Vanilla’s, tahity, madagascar and bourbon (not related to the drink). none of them are creamy. Some other brands have similar vanilla namings and taste/smell slightly different.

But any custard, creme, ice cream, swirl etc, those are all going to be creamy one way or another.


Not sure if it is still the case or not but doesn’t Flavor West Madagascar Vanilla contain sugar syrup and maybe shouldn’t be used for vaping?

Flavours Containing Sugar

Just a thought since you’re speaking of vanilla and mint…why not try Liquid Barn’s Vanilla Mint https://www.liquidbarn.com/products/vanilla-mint-eliquid-extract it’s minty and lightly sweet vanilla.

MF Vanilla is very much well rounded vanilla flavor without the added ice cream or cupcake or bakery component to it…although at times it can come off soft.

I agree with @Suomynona all three of FA’s Vanilla’s are some of the best you get a wider variety as each one of them brings a lil something to the table.

To me INW Vanilla Shisha is the epitome of soft vanilla cream that is semi sweet and works beautifully to sweeten bakeries and or easy to pair to make a cream cheese sweeter.


Its a personal choice for most of us. Im not sure it’s germane here. Let’s just leave it there please.


What are you ultimately trying to do? Just have a vanilla extract recipe?

If so this can be very hard. I’ve tried. There has to be something that it sits with…whether it is hidden or prominent. One example is to try 0.25 Cream Fresh FA. I love to call this the clear cream because it doesn’t add much for me at that percent, but allows the vanilla something to sit on top.

But let us know. I am sure we all have a few vanilla recipes sitting in our books.


I agree with @Amy2’s choices and might I add Holy Vanilla (DIYFS) also. It’s the closest I’ve found to Vanilla MF and my 2nd favorite Vanilla.


I will say from what I’ve heard Holy Vanilla ( DIYFS ) is one I should add to the arsnal it’s been consistently rated high among the very best of vanillas !


If i want a pure vanilla taste, i would use my vanilla mix, which is 1 part vanillin and 9 parts pg.

Vanillin i would get from my kitchen, or from anywhere that sells baking/cooking ingredients.


this is what i would suggest , its worth every penny


I have to second the DIYFS Holy Vanilla suggestion. I’ve found it easily replaces Medicine Flower for me and it costs considerably less.


ive seen the holy vanilla often used at much higher percentages ( 2ish ) than i would ever use MF vanilla ( .5 ish ) in your opinion does the potency of MF make it an equal value , im not trying to disagree with you im asking because i value your opinion , i actually have stayed away from the holy vanilla because the strenth, cost and the fact i would only be ordering that from the compa ny so shipping would come into play making it even a higher price than it is listed ( and the fact i have enough MF vanilla to last a lifetime )


Amazing Vanilla, I don’t get any cream from it :ok_hand:


Well I actually haven’t used HV that high…I don’t think. Typically I’ll use it 0.5 - 1.0%. Most often I use MF around 0.5%.

Not counting shipping, the cost for a 2oz bottle of HV is $15, or $0.25/ml
The cost for MF Vanilla is $23 for 15 ml, or $1.53/ml

So using HV at the highest 1.5% and MF at 0.5%, it’s a relative wash in terms of cost. However, if you consistently use MF at a lower% than that then it could be cheaper. But I often use HV at 0.5% so the reality is it’s a bit cheaper.

Bottom line for me is that if I can find flavors to replace ones I love from MF I will. I don’t like how they do business. Some though are irreplaceable.


Yes it does. But as far as I know vanillin and ethyl vanillin both have this creamy mouthfeel, so you probable have to go to Vanilla (Bourbon) TPA because they use vanilla extract on that flavor and from the flavor description looks like it lacks this creamy taste. But I have not ever used that flavor to know for sure. Is there anyone else who have try Vanilla (Bourbon) TPA?