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Best chocolate concentrate?


The issue is that even if you’d use very low %, if you don’t like the flavor, you’re not going to do much with it and it’s still $22 sitting in the cupboard :wink:


Hehe @Suomynona Fair enough. You’ve got to like what you’re buying for sure. I’ve not used it as much as PV did, but it is one hell of a chocolate, and he showed me, the it can be bent into almost anything you want, without much effort, which to me, was more than impressive. I’ll have to find my notes on it, which are of course, just my feelings on it, but it’s pretty darned versatile.


Had to dig them up to remind myself LOL.

Dark Chocolate (MF) 0.5% (09-24-18) – I knew this one was going to be one of the Heavy Hitters from Medicine Flower, but held off on testing it, until now. Having mixed quite a bit of this up, was interested to see exactly HOW good it was, solo. Chocolate seems to be one of the hardest flavors to get right, but somehow (through their extraction process) MF has managed to absolutely capture the entire essence of a Dark Chocolate with this one, AND, it’s completely clear. Clear you say, sure, you have TPA DCC, and it’s pretty clear, but it can’t touch this one. I think it’s fair to say when comparing the many chocolates I have, this one and TPA DCC are similar, but after that, they are not in the same league. This one is a delightfully (yes I said that) Dark Chocolate, with NO off putting notes. No need to tweak, add to it, push or pull it, right out of the bottle delicious, full, sweet enough, creamy, and dark, RIGHT out of the bottle (after steeping) and even @ 0.5%. Wow, and more wow, doesn’t even come close. It is dense enough to be very full at this strength, with no overowering notes, nothing artificial, and does appear to be a fairly complex blend that most others cannot compete with. Dark almost implies it will be, well, dark, but it’s almost assumed it would be bitter, or maybe dry, but NOT with this one. Somehow they’ve come up with a just about perfect blend of darker chocolates, just the right amount of sweetness, but with plenty of “mid-body” that carries it through to a much fuller chocolate than just a “dark” chocolate. I’ve heard @Pro_Vapes rant and rave about tossing all of his chocolates after trying this one, and now I see why. If you are in the mood for a full, creamy, dark and full bodied chocolate, you cannot go wrong with this one. At some level, 10/10 doesn’t seem to come close, but it will have to do. On a side note, I cannot NOT post a shameless link to something Pro_Vapes came up with, that pulls this into a Milk Chocolate, as it is TOO good not to…


IDK being burnt alot by flavors. The cost $22.00 for 15ml and mixing range (0.5%) is so extreme I can’t logically justify these flavors without utter apprehension that I might not like it. Unless I was sharing the $ burden with 4 or 5 other people and diluting them.


Well @Freddie3 welcome to the wonderful world of mixing. You can read all the reviews you want, but ultimately, you may not KNOW know, until you know for yourself. Everyone’s tastes ARE different, so it’s a chance for sure. I think I have maybe 15 MF flavors now, and not one is a dud. Most are very strong, and I keep them all in the fridge (due to being natural extracts), and I will have them for quite a while, so for me, the risk has paid off. Only maybe one or two (The Vanilla for sure) was weak enough to probably cause me to NOT buy it again, but the rest are so strong it’s almost ridiculous. So much so, that you almost have to RE-learn how to mix when using them, because if you mixed them at a seemingly “normal” rate, it would be far too high.

I am not here to make you spend your money, and your point is well made none the less.


YES SORRY @SessionDrummer I forgot about Your jungle flavors notes… looks very good to new people who want a chocolate that is CLEAR. Id try it if I was starting all over again

Im happy with my CAPS… BUT SHOULD I MIND? the coloration on my flavor here? And I mean pitch black with CAPS because the chocolate flavor will stay in my Atomizer ANYWAYS for a long time. So I just label my atomizers which I use for chocolate recipes. When I want to switch juices.


Never going to try to try convince people to buy flavours. But if cap v2 Dbl Choc is your go-to choc you are probably using it in the 3% ish range a 15 ml bottle will make you around 500 ml of juice where a 15ml MF Dark Choc will be used at around 0.5% (my % ) making you about 3 lts of finished juice.

So while it is more expensive it is not that much more expensive when you account for the fact you are using around 1/6 as much in a mix.

I hear you when you say if you don’t like the taste it will sit and gather dust but what if you love it? What it comes down to is are you willing to roll the dice based on the reviews of other mixers (which I suspect you have done on other flavours anyhow).

I agree with @Pro_Vapes when he said that it is the only chocolate that doesn’t turn bitter at high wattage (the only others that come close to the non-bitter is Molinberry Glamour Chocolate and the FLV).

Again not trying to convince you to take the leap into MF just pointing out a few things for you to consider.


Well @Freddie3 that’s really a personal decision/choice. I know for myself, FLAVOR really it what really takes the cake. If it doesn’t taste the way I want, what else matters ?? NOW, I have made some CHANGES to that policy, but not many. I have Cap’s and more than a few others, where they are VERY dark. Bought them, figuring, what the heck, what does it matter. Well, after experimenting with them over time, I’m growing OUT of favor with them, as they gunk the heck out of my coils/wicks. Some so much so that I don’t even use them anymore. NOW, that’s a choice I made, and everyone’s got to decide for themselves.

I still use the CAP DC from time to time, but I’ve found newer and better ways to achieve the same or better results, with little to no coil guinking, so, for ME, that was a win win. If you DO ever decide to try 1 or 2 Medicine Flower flavors, you HAVE to put up your thoughts on them.


Yes sorry I keep forgetting all the POWER VAPERS here. I only vape 2 mils per day. Any 1 MF that would last 5 life times. for me. :wink:


Yes, also a fair point such a shame that @ecigexpress stopped carrying the full range in the small bottles. Maybe someone close to you can tip you a little bottle. I would but not really worth the shipping from Australia. But someone may be kind enough to send you a sample bottle from a purchase from MF.


I agree. It’s been 6-8months since I’ve submitted an @ecigexpress order. Any vendor that would carry mf would more than likely get 98% of my orders.


Exactly !!!


After putting all the costs in perspective, you may have a different look at things…
$22 for a 15ml concentrate, expensive? Sure… but like Woftam said, you can get 3 liters of finished liquid with it.
I used to pay up to £30 for a 30ml finished “premium” e-liquid which was gone in a few days AND, it was a guessing game as well. I didn’t know in advance if I was going to love the liquid.

If you don’t know whether you even like a chocolate vape, go try your luck with the cheaper brands. If you’re happy with them, you’re all good. If you don’t like them, you’re good and won’t buy them again. If however you like your chocolate but you think there’s room for improvement, go try your luck with MF.

Same can be said with other flavors. Do keep in mind that not all MF flavors are great and that if you order from MF, you can ask for specific samples to know if you should buy them in the future or not. Doing your research in advance is no guarantee but it does pay off in the long run.


There are vendors that sell diluted versions of MF… can’t remember which brand it was but I think @eStorm can help with that.
It will come out way cheaper to purchase and you’ll get a similar taste of it.


Not sure where @Freddie3 is but


In the UK sell dilutions but they are currently out of stock of dark choc


Sorry but I have no idea who dilutes MF here in the states. Wish I would know so, because then I could give them a try lol. I was even too late on the MF purchase via ECX, because I didn’t know for the longest time that they were listed under lotus flower there… go figure.

Thanks for the tips and suggestions on MF Dark Chocolate, but as mentioned, while the price is a bit steep and I do understand it’s not if used ultra low, my problem was just like Suomynona says, why waste the $22 if I don’t know if I like the profile in general.

I can find “good” dark, semi chocolates/cocoas from many brands, but they don’t mix well and they are in general very watery. I’m sure MF might be better, but at the end I am still afraid that it will be watery cocoa or hershey’s syrup and not actually chocolate. I am not looking for a syrup, nesquick, chocolate milk, but rather a full rich, creamy and ultra thick chocolate, that can be used as stand alone to create a true authentic european chocolate bar. Not anything I can use in a chocolate “infused” recipe as secondary. I still will keep it in mind if I ever go on another trip down the rabbit hole, trying to find real chocolate lol.


Sorry, I confused you with Jay (Botanic Elixir Concentrates (MF Dilutions, UK, PG-free)) but Woftam already answered… wonder how she’s doing actually.


Yea your advice is wise. I’ll always look for bundled flavors now. rather then trying to remake something using 3-4 different profiles.


@eStorm Well, water cocoa it’s not, and heshey’s syrup it’s not really either. I had a hard time trying to define it when testing. It is/was/is complex, deep, rich, and to my tastes, it was a mid-dark chocolate. It had none of the liquor notes that kill me (but I still love to use it) in FA Choco. It is “similar” to TPA DCC, but you can vape them side by side (I did), and you will favor the MF every time, because it is far fuller, much more natural tasting, and, can be bent easily into a MC if needed, or darkened with little to no effort. I cannot however attest to mixing it with loads of flavors, but the ones I mixed, it carried it’s weight, never let up, wasn’t overpowered, and stayed true. I may re-re-test it for fun. I sampled (and in many concoctions) almost every choco I could get my hands on during my S’more madness phase, and many had what you stated, a watery-ish-ness, and most either gunked, or had something that was off-putting. Not the MF.


present ! :grinning:

slooooowly settling into my tiny new flat, still tripping over boxes all; over the place, and wondering how the heck i cook in this tiny kitchen? never mind mix.

my helpers somehow managed to carefully place all my boxes/ drawers containing flavour concentrates upside down! all apart from the MF. (phew!). And my son managed to place stacks of really heavy boxes in front of all the drawers, Then he got too sick to help any further :laughing: so unpacking is a nightmare!

Back on topic… ofc I’m gonna add another enthusiastic vote for MF Dark Chocolate. And must also remind folks that MF also do a Light Chocolate, which tastes just like a good Swiss milk chocolate (eg Lindt) to me. None of yer American rubbish…even though MF are an American Company. it must be said.

Thanks for thinking of me :slight_smile:

Oooh! Looks like the MF fanclub is getting bigger and bigger! :smiley: