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Best chocolate concentrate?


I ordered a bunch from Delosi but never added the Mocha even thou a few ppl said it was one of their star flavors. Cause im happy where I am w Cap.

But heck the sample 3ml size is on 97c. lol Ordered twice from them know a few ppl here said its good but just passed on it. maybe you can ask them cause it Sounds like your still looking for the right thing :rofl:

There’s more threads on it.


Interesting i found MF Vanilla to be incredibly strong! Like 1drop in a 30ml and i could taste it…unfortunately what i could taste was a metal like flavor which didnt seem to steep out… Maybe you got a bad batch, maybe we both got a batch bad :laughing:


Two (reasonably priced) suggestions I would have are:

VTA chocolate mousse
FLV milk chocolate

Of course, if “money ain’t a Thang”…
MF dark chocolate gets consistent praise and admiration (and I’ve NEVER seen/read a negative word about the flavour)


I like TPA chocolate. Then I read all this… man, I feel so ghetto now. :pensive:


:rofl: @TorturedZen Then your one of the lucky one’s also. Looks like everyone here is happy with their Chocolate.

Maybe ProVapes secret is the other additives for other coco’s as well. The Bav Cream and Sweet Cream.

This thread is Good also.


Ye guys are amazing!!! :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs:


The RF milkshake and cookies n cream were mentioned but the RF chocolate was not, it gets one of my votes for chocolate. I use the VG version between 2-3% with great success.
Vaping Zone chocolate truffle is good “but” has a wafer note to it (strong AF .25% is plenty)
Molinberry Glamour chocolate is also good “but” has a nutty note ( 0.75-1.25%)


Reading back on these MF comments on BOTH sides of the ‘argument’ sounds like a before and after of me. I long resisted the MF only because of the price. I’d felt pretty convinced that they must be very good, since some high level mixers and people I’d come to trust praised them consistently. However, that price just kept them off my shelf, and I figured I was mixing ‘good enough’ already anyway. Then @Sprkslfly assisted me in my search for a great Butterscotch stone that consisted of MF BS among other things, plus I had a gift card from Amazon, so I took the leap. Wowza.

Add to that the ultra low % used in recipes, and I realized that sometimes you have to pay up for the ingredients that put you over the top for your desired profiles.

I added my comments because I really do understand everyone’s reluctance to paying up for those flavors. But I feel comfortable saying you will not be disappointed.


I’ve seen a few MF offered on Amazon. $21.00 or so. Are those prices inline with other places?


I made one purchase from Amazon then all the rest from Medicine Flower. I was not able to request samples via Amazon. Price is the same but of course MF direct shipping is not free without some promotion. Although if they send you a couple samples, it offsets shipping costs… You have to ask them specifically or they will not include them.




Could read my comments on DIY Flavor Shack’s Chocolate Toffee Dream.
Are there any *good* chocolate vapes out there?


Well, I bit the bullet and bought MF dark chocolate! Can’t wait for it to arrive!! Thanks everyone :hugs::hugs:


You will not be disappointed


Well, well, well @Ria1 your journey begins !!! PLEASE be advised that MF flavors have TWO things to keep in mind. Typically they are MUCH stronger than most other flavors, so mixing them low, low, LOW is the way to go. The second thing is, they have a LONGER steep time. I (being a slow learner) learned this the hard way, and you should let any mixes with MF steep longer than typical flavors. The flavors take a little while longer to steep, and most get STRONGER after they steep. Some people wait a month, but maybe that’s on the higher end, but, don’t try and vape MF as a shake and vape at least LOL.

Can’t wait to here what you think.


I have to back @SessionDrummer. MF should been given a long steep time. I wait at least a month. My experience with Dark Chocolate is that it’s not ready until the 3-4 week mark.


I’m definitely a ‘monther’. In some cases more even. I did a series of time tests on Sparkie’s Butterscotch and found that the flavor changed wildly up to about the 5+ week mark. Sometimes it was great, sometimes it was flat, sometimes it was just OK… I just play it safe with all of them and try to go at least a month.


Don’t know how I’m going to wait a whole month but at least I’ll have it for Christmas! Thanks again everyone! :smiley:


Can’t wait either although it will kill me to wait a month or more!


Well, I just saw this thread. Chocolate seems to evade and Medicine Flower is expensive but even it doesn’t give me the milk chocolate I am looking for. So a while back I ordered every chocolate concentrate I could get my hands on. I finally found one that works for me and it doesn’t wreck you coils either. This recipe is private but I am going to share one of my personal and most favorite chocolate recipes I have ever made using the chocolate that works for me.

I was initially working on an ice cream but after trying this without coolant, I said wow, that tastes really close to a cup of Swiss Miss hot chocolate. This is in my rotation mixes now.