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Best Kayfun Clone


The IVOGO clone of The Marquis is supposedly good. They sell it is BAVapes in the UK, but I bet there are lots of others.


This clone thing is really interesting and confusing. I fund a Marquis clone at Vaping Walrus for $19.99, at Kidney Puncher for $29.99, and at Fasttech all the way down to $8.04. I ended up buying both a Marquis and Vulcan from Fast Tech and only spent $22.00. What's scary is the people working in our local vape stores sometime don't know the difference. A couple weeks ago I was in my local store, and told them I was interested in a good RDA. He brings out a Doge V1 for about $30.00, tells me it's authentic etc. etc. etc. So I buy it. Get home and do a little research via You Tube and discover it's not authentic, it's a clone, but it does what I want it to, so what the heck. I don't know where this is going, but now I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of my two Chinese knock offs.


Well the kayfun I bought seemed good but there's something wrong with the 510 and it won't read on my mod ..the pin just won't screw in all the way ..hopefully fasttech will send me a replacement


Guess I'm lucky; the clones I've purchased have been of good quality. My decision to to buy clones came from a lack of funds to purchase authentics. Oh, I've purchased many authentic attys and been very happy with them because of the craftsmanship and knowing I was supporting the original designer of the product. Now, I'm like, meh.....I'll let the folks that have money to burn support them; I'll spend my mad money on diy flavorings and a nice cloned atty. It's a hit or miss with the clones. I would worry about it too much.


I'd guess those folks are getting paid $8 an hour and perhaps commission??? Knowing the difference between clones and authentics is above their pay grade and if they get commission on sales, of course they will want to sell you an authentic.


I'm just wondering if the clones from places like Vaping Walrus and Kidney Puncher are better quality than the ones from Fast Tech? Oh well, if they are as good as my Doge V1 I'll be happy. My only complaint with the Doge is the tiny phillips screws in the top of the posts, and the holes to attach the coil could also be a little larger. I understand the Doge V2 solves these problems.


I look for manufacturer names such as IVOGO, SXK or Tobeco; not so much the vendor that sells the end product. I buy on eBay quite a bit. The vendor only matters with concern to their approval rating; it's the manufacturer of the product in which I'm concerned.


Don't forget WOTOFO A-MOD smile


These kayfun a are supposed to be the easiest things to build ...I feel defeated ..I think mines defective


Just curious, who is the manufacturer of your kayfun?


Infinite ...and I've heard nothing but good things


I got an infinite 4 Nine copper mod at one point and the threading on the hybrid cap was really lousy. Thank goodness I had a tap and die set to correct the problem. I'm sure if we saw the manufacturing process in action, we would understand how issues such as yours and mine came to be.


Honestly from what I read..and I do my research he infinite was the best out there . I read a pile of reviews not a one of them bad . The atomizer reads anywhere from .1 ohm to .6 ohm without a coil on it ? Maybe someone knows what I may be doing wrong


Is that reading from an ohm meter or a VW mod?


My I stick

I've never had problems reading anything else ..other than maybe a .1 ohm diff


Have you put a different atty on your mod without a coil on it to see what type reading you get? I had an atty one time that caused me issues as well. Come to find out there was a short between the positive center post and the housing. Drove me nuts, cause it took me forever to figure out the problem. I finally noticed arc marks on the center post where it was shorting itself out! That was a $200 atomizer. So, it goes to show, all authentic attys aren't what they're hyped up to be!


Goblin Lemo and orchid base all fine ..maybe I'll break it down again and try and see


I have the rocket (clone for kayfun) I like the vape but it seems to leak out of one of the front holes. Don't know if that is "fixable".


That's all you can do for now is break it down and try again. I've been there and it is frustrating when you keep getting thwarted by a chunk of steel! But perhaps in the process you'll find the issue. In my case, I did, but the maker wouldn't do the right thing and sent me replacement parts. This was after I sent them lots and lots of photos showing what was wrong with their product. That chunk of steel now sits in a closed drawer. Maybe one day I'll just put it in the recycling bin and roll it to the street to be taken away; closing the chapter on "not everything is worth the money".


Building my own mod?????