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Best Kayfun Clone


Lots of pros here .. What's the best Kayfun clone on fasttech . I wanna get one to see what all the fuss is/was about. I've hear the airflow is tighter on them and that's fine for me. I just want a few spare Rta to work on .

How's everybody building their kayfun v5

I would suggest an orchid.... u can use almost all kayfun parts and it's much much better I have 3 and they made my kayfun almost obsolete!!!


I don't know. But I'd go for the Lemo, Lemo Drop or the Goblin RTA instead (or Orchid as @quitter1 suggests) - They're all kayfun-like devices, and I would consider all better smile


I also have a billow ....and it does just that. Can't wait to finish building on my new silverplay from project subohm!!!!!!


Lol I knew that this question would be answered with a flurry of responses telling me not to buy a Kayfun .i have a Lemo drop which I love , I have a orchid v6 on the way ..so I take it it's not even worth picking one up


Can't go wrong with a Lemo


You'd be taking a step backwards imho. I borrowed a kayfun from a friend and gave it back the next day.


Ok well I suppose I'll get me a goblin! It's a pay week lol anybody have one of these little babies ..I know they pump out plumes , but how is the flavour?

Vaping Komrad S01E05 - Youde (UD) Goblin V1.1 RTA review

I've said this before in a different topic but you can match an orchid base with everything else Lemo and I've hheard it is pretty awesome sauce!


I have an orchid v3 and I love it superb flavour on all resistances so far , but its a dual coil so if I don't fancy doing a dual I use a Russian 91% (FT) and that is very good as well not quite the range the orchid has but if you get the build right its a very satisfying vape.


I've been vaping on my new silverplay it's f@#%n sweet!!!!! The only thing is a slight filling issue but otherwise its so great w the ability to close and open the airflow combos!!!



I want it !!


Check out the reviews on YouTube!!!!


It's not a bad price for an authentic either I have a code for vapordna if you're gonna get one


I've heard good things ..may be my next purchase.


Let me know so I can get u that promo code


Infinite Kayfun V4 Clone ..yes I got a kayfun ..against all advice given ! This is a pretty slick unit tho. I'd like to see the original and compare ..other than maybe a slight machine oil smell this thing is flawless . Beautiful threads ..came without a scratch amazingly. Feels very sturdy and well made


I got the black Kayfun V4 clone off fasttech. Absolutely trash. One of the pieces for the juice control was installed upside down, causing a huge wobble in the lower portion. The best part is, I was never able to make a build on it because both of the negative post screws where stripped so badly I could pull them out with a needle nose plyers without any tension at all.


I was going to ask about buying clones vs authentic, but it seems that very few people have an aversion to buying Chinese copies. So then the question becomes, who has the best copy. I've been looking at a Marquis RDA; the authentic retails for $145.00, but you can get a clone for $19.99 or 29.99 depending which web site you're on. You know I'm going to buy a clone, but I'm going to hate myself for it.