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Best MTL tank


Hello boys and girls!

Looking for a good 22 mm MTL RTA. Can you please share your experience?



I’ve been through 5 of these (MTL - 22mm). The best I’ve found by far is the VandyVape Beserker Mini. Rejects include Kanger, Aspire, and some Kfun clones from China.

The VandyVape Beserker Mini leaked a lot at first. Then I read a tip somewhere to bottom fill it instead of top fill. Zero leaking after I did that. Apparently when you top fill, putting the cap on adds pressure to the tank that forces juice out through the air holes. You are supposed to close the air holes before top filling and I did that, but as soon as you open them they leak. Just removing the bottom and putting it back relieves the pressure and stops leaks.

The deck is easy to re-wick and recoil. Much easier than others. I use a 1.8 to 2.0 ohm, 2.5mm diameter coil at 7.5 to 8.0 volts and MTL vaping is great. Good vapor, but not too much to draw attention (stealthy). My PG/VG ratio is 50/50, 10 to 13mg NIC (all DIY juices). The main advantage I found over the the others was better flavor.


You might be able find some good info in these threads…



Digiflavour Siren 2 is a decent one, which is not priced way too high. Apart from the Berserker Mini mentioned above I enjoy the Siren when out and about :smiley: Its quite airy tho, but when having it on the lower air flow setting, its as tight as I like it for MTL.


thanks everyone!!!


@WhiteRaven I was gifted a VandyVape Beserker and I have not had any issues with it. Flavor is pretty good, haven’t had a single leak, easy to build on, and no more purchased atomizers !!!


My 2 best MTL tanks are the vapefly Galaxies MTL with a squonk pin,and the 3Cvape Savour…both great tanks,


I like my Doggystyle MTL by SXK, my Siren 2 by Digiflavor and one I don’t own yet dut I have test it alot and I want is the Hastur mini by Cthulhu. Hastur is more or less like the doggystyle with maybe better flavor and you can refill it from the top.


I have a few SXK Doggystyles on the way from Fasttech. Looking forward to checking it out in a few weeks, when the slow boat arrives. Presently run Joyetech stuff that uses the CLR coils (love my CLRs), and KFL+V2. Hopefully the Dogs will serve me as well as my present gear has.