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Best newbie rda for flavor


That is or was a good deal. I will have to keep my eyes open!


Edit: sold out


Just check the site daily. Maybe you will luck out.


I believe it is the Nuvoton (NuMicro) I think it is the same chip that smok use.


Happy you could take advantage of it. It’s a great mod.


Yeah. I am happy I pulled the trigger. Probably the last day it was available. I kept telling myself, you haven’t bought a mod in a long time. Still want a dna with replay though.


@atssec97 Hi Mike, i dont have the rebuildable atomizer but i have many kanger nano tanks, they still taste better than the newer tanks, i got a fireluke mesh in the mail today , underwhelming., i get better flavor thru the kanger nano, with new coils of course, but since i like the sweet bakery liquids, i go thru coils like crazy, am going to learn single coil building on monday i getting a wotofo recurve and a squonk vandyvape. you should see my old coils i have about 300 used ones i was going to clean but they ended up tasting blehh, i still love the tank, better flavor than the baby beast, ello, melo, evic vtc, and even the nautilus mini


hi David, i got the recurve and the vandyvape 80w squonk how do you like the recurve as a rda or do you just use it for squonk?


The Lost Vape Drone is built like a tank. Sadly though, they don’t seem to be making them anymore. But if you can find one of these, even secondhand, it truly is a fantastic squonker. You just need to replace that god awful squonk bottle with a soft silicone one.


Lost Vape just released the 250C Triade. They would be completely missing the boat if they didn’t follow with a 250C drone. Replay in a two battery squonker would be killer!


I hadn’t forgot about that one, but it is hard to find, at one time kinda pricy, and big as a house.

You still have and use yours?


I use it on top of a HCigar Aurora, I have used it as both and it performs the same to me. I just prefer squonking over constant juice bottle fumbling and mess. The HCigar is a squonk mod in the same general category as yours


Pretty much a daily driver.


I like the SMM and the flavour is great. I build mine around 0.56 - 0.35 ohm 2.5mm diameter and never passes 37wat. If you are looking for a real flavour atty I think you need to look outside China and pay a higher price.
I prefere the Squape and one from Hungary called Dvarw :slight_smile:


@jj66, how do you get your cotton thru the 2.5mm this has been so hard for me, i tried twisting the whole thing and only resulted in burning cut in half wick. I been watching vids, it seems like when i wick, i end up with such skinny ends, do you have any secrets?


Roll just the very end tight to feed it through.the size you start with has to be just right so when you pull it through it’s not too tight and not loose.once it’s through you clip off the rolled part and fluff up each end portruding from the coil.
If you start with a thin enough piece you will have no trouble putting it through 2.5mm coil.having it well lit and grabbing it with tweezers is the key to success along with the right size cotton strip to start with.After some practice you will have no trouble getting the size right.


I may do that when I can figure out the wicking and not get PO’ed everytime I end up with Juice all over everything! I’m about there but dang it can be aggravating! I will probably never spend that kind of money for one but willing to spend a bit more than the redo’s! And BTW, I’m still waiting on that slow boat from China to deliver my Fasttech order! Seriously have no patience for doing business from overseas!


I would recommend paying for DHL then. :wink:
E-packets have a notorious history for “getting there when they get there.”


I appreciate the recommendation! Will try that next time. (if there is a next time)


I just got a DHL express package from china, took literally 2 days to get here, that includes going through customs. Glad I didn’t pay for it tho, must have been expensive lol but there’s that option as pointed out by Sparksy :wink: