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Best newbie rda for flavor


Thanks for rubbing it in! :joy::joy:


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@Djsi big ? about the amount to start with, is there an advantage to getting the fattest piece thru or does it matter if the wick is fat or thin? on the youtube vids it just looks like they are getting a really fat fluffy wick in there , or is it an illusion due to ultra close up?


Not sure what videos u have seen, u want to look for “scottish roll” method, there are a bunch. Some like to separate both sides of the initial sheet exposing the fluffy goodness inside while others keep one side and roll so thats inside the roll. u want to have a wick thats tight but doesnt move the wraps of the coil when u pull it thru.
Basically u spread the sheet out so its not as dense looking through it and then u want to roll it on a surface, jeans work great. Roll in one direction, roll it, pick it up and roll again till its roughly same size as the coil. Then u lick your fingers, twist the lead end really tight, i like to cut that long arse leader strand off it seems to get in way most times. Push the initial tiny tightly twisted end in till u can grab on the other side and then gently pull back w/ one hand as u pull w/ the other. Once u cut it to the length u need, fluff her up.
This is just one vid i snagged w/ the title but seein more then one step by step is always good, so go for the ride ytube usually takes u on. Hope this helps and Gl to u!


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