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Best Nicotine supplier in uk


I found a pretty good deal on 100ml LDPE bottles.
Unfortunately the absolute minimum quantity was 250! :scream:


Yeah thats right, I have about 30 of them and don’t use the droppers just pour into tank, would not be any good for a RDA/Dripper.


Ibottles 100ml bottles were only 60ml. Emailed them and they said it would be put right but no bottles as yet. Everything else is, as is.


Yeah. As far as I can see they ran out of them completely. From their site they still don’t seem to be available. Boats take a while from the Far East!!!


Was that on EBay?


I hear you bro. :joy::joy::joy:


They have good 250ml bottles for your bigger mix and after that it’s into the 30ml bottles.
They also have great 500ml & 1000ml boston rounds in pet.


That’s the very chap. Lol!!!


No, from a bottle wholesaler who unfortunately really doesn’t want to get into breaking cartons to sell in smaller quantities.


Ah right!! See his point.


I can recommend vapable nic their 72mg is good I buy the 4.8% now though as it gets to me quicker and lasts a long time for me only mixing at 1mg/ml (read there delivery option for the 72mg)


Giving these guys a go for the first time!


Hello Daath. I am almost sure that there where you who gave me a link to LorAnn’s banana cream clear in EU,think it was from UK? But I have lost this awesome link. They had several other brands too, and had a suggestion for % starting point on many flavors. Do I remember wrong? If so, is there someone else who have this link? I need some TFA, FA and INW flavors, but I’m not 100% sure they carried all of that brands. TFA and LorAnn is the most important though. Buy from US tend to be expensive with shipping fee’s . I am in Scandinavia.




stock the brands you are looking for :slight_smile:


Thank you very much r5ta. It’s not that link I was looking for, but I got what I needed to a reasonable price. Great. Have a nice week end you and all other mixer’s here in ELR :smiley:
BTW Flavor Arts Cream Fresh and Fresh Cream has to be the same concentrate though? I want to make Lar’s “Bannuding cake” And could I sub Innaweras Biscut wit FA’s Coockie?


Darkstar all day, best prices and quality around, great reputation too :+1:


I believe FA cream fresh / FA fresh cream to be the same concentrate :slight_smile:
Regarding the INW biscuit There was a discussion with a couple alternatives here


Yep, they be the same thing as far as I’m aware :smiley:


Thank you very much both you and r5ta :smile:


now everywhere there is only 10ml bottles,
is there any online shop who is selling 100-500ml bottles ???