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Best Nicotine supplier in uk


Thought I would throw this out there to the wise !! - I have recently squeezed every last drop out of my Diamond mist Nic base in VG - can anyone recommend a good UK site - I have been looking at Vapable £11.99 for 100ml free delivery - My diamond mist was £10 from my local DIY vape store (10 min walk)- cheers gang

Nicotine vendors
Purchasing different nicotine/diluent (EU)

I hear good things about piratesvape.uk :slightly_smiling: They won’t send to me though, so I buy from Pink-Mule…


They wont send to the almighty – you must have upset them ;(- thanks I will go check them out


piratevape.uk - closed for maintenance !!!


Ah, they open tomorrow again I see…


You could try here.


I use this one. Great nic, decent prices.



£28.00 for 500ML PG or VG. £2.80 postage


DarkStar Vapour’s nicotine is clean and damn good value.
And they have a reputation for excellent customer service that they’re very keen to maintain.


Those are pretty good prices!


sooo much choice !! thanks everyone


Good place. Forgot about that one. :wink:


I’m another Darkstar user. I’m fairly new but have ordered twice from them and got it very quickly. I use VG and both have been of great quality.


I buy the 500ml or 1litre and transfer to brown glass medicine bottles with child tops and put them in the freezer.

Some great concentrate deals too.


Just had a good look at the site and theres some great offers on there for concentrate’s in decent sizes.
Next shop will be there. :ok_hand:


What about bottles guy’s? Where you been getting your bottles from? Been getting mine from here :- https://www.ibottles.co.uk/


I will be ordering bottles from http://www.freemanharding.co.uk/product.php?id_product=47 next week,

15ml Amber Dropper Bottle - Pack of 160 for £16.69 not including caps

Black tamper evident cap pack 100 for £12.48

anyone know a better deal on bottles?


You need to watch the droppers on those bro, they have the round end, not pointed. Makes it harder to fill your tank. Ok for dripping though. :+1:


Yeah and apparently they are adding more soon. It’s so much easier with the larger concentrates even for me as a non-seller.


yeah totally agree with you :slight_smile: i have used darkstar a good few times for concentrates and nic and vg and they are spot on in all aspects :slight_smile:


I noticed recently that ibottles ran out of 100ml bottles.

I got some from https://www.creamsupplies.co.uk and I’ve heard others get them from http://www.theplasticbottlescompany.com