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Best place to buy VG PG concentrates etc (uk)


I have a sneaking suspicion that you work for them :wink:


Shit, I’ve just ordered from them :unamused:


Cancel cancel cancel and reorder, their customer service is awesome! They will understand :smile:


Great, but it was delivered yesterday, that’s a little late to cancel. I’m sure I can find something else that I want :grinning:


Haha! Post was 6mins ago and you said “I just ordered from them” :confused:

Next order will have 2500% off


I meant just recently, too recent not to be pissed and they’re out of Welsh Pipe and I just thought I could get some of that. :confounded:


You also used a “swear” :worried:


Your after “Welsh pipe” ?? :blush:


Yes and I’m known to swear when I don’t get what I’m after :smiling_imp:


Oh… wow… @ozo this ones yours! :flushed:


Poor Ozo, as if he doesn’t have enough women trouble already :sweat_smile:
Great discount though and could you have something else besides Brexit to get the pound to drop a little more? It is pretty much down already but a little more won’t hurt…me :sunglasses:


Haha! I couldn’t care less… :neutral_face:


About Ozo’s women trouble or the financial situation :innocent:


Obviously the financial situation! Ozo has no problems :wink:


I am not sure how I am in this…but I am very interested where it came from…sounds up my alley some way. Please elaborate.


Never was my fault…asphalt. I love women, that’s why I have been married over 700 times.


Maybe I am getting the jist here…if it’s about me buying,… MamaOzo crying…Bwahahaha
for the record, I just ordered another Provari [Classic] this afternoon…and she knew it and didn’t bitch a word. Even encouraged me to.
[trick: I cook, from scratch, for her almost every day. Last night I made her what some call simple…a BLT…but my way. She was ecstatic.Loved it, even mentioned it this morning.]
Maybe it’s about time to start thinking about getting ready to begin maybe getting some divorces from a few of the others…maybe… :smile_cat:


Josephine said she was after the “Welsh pipe” I thought this was a euthanism and made a sarcastic comment, I then pointed out that she swore in a post to which she replied with a rather feisty [quote=“Josephine_van_Rijn, post:29, topic:88576”]
Yes and I’m known to swear when I don’t get what I’m after :smiling_imp:

To which I lost my nerve and suggested you were better equipped / experienced to handle such a matter


Haha…my Grandma was Welsh, my Grandpa was Scot…and you wish to euthanize me…I understand…just want to put me away,eh?
No one loves sarcasm more than my old cranky arse, and I love it.
I still even love Jose…she is a bird…and still is prettier than most…even though she is at age of being a grandmother to one young age as myself. but no worries,eh?
She can swear a sailor into submission, but can tame a wild boar into eating at the dinner table …with manners and a bib.

Josephine said she was after the "Welsh pipe"
Maybe she doesn’t know , the Welsh wear knickers under their skirts,eh?


And pin leeks to their shirts :laughing:

But euthanising Ozo is not very nice Grubby, you should leave that business to his wife. I’m sure she’s been looking forward to it, as soon as he stops producing BLT sandwiches… :skull: