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Best place to buy VG PG concentrates etc (uk)


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Does anyone also know if it’s better to have a PG base nic or doesn’t it matter? I’m using VG base and depending on the flavours for the PG content. Is this where I’m going wrong?


I use VG base Nic also, never tried a PG base so can’t say if it makes a difference


Mix a tried and tested recipe that is almost guaranteed to be good, that way you can ascertain if your doing something wrong and remember to steep steep steep!


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This should go well with Welsh Pipe


no mate, I just recently started mixing and was advised to use them :slight_smile:


Ok brother nameth! I’ll check em out.

Just spent about £50 on chefs flavours with that discount case as well :slight_smile:


Hi there, I use pg based nic as it’s easier to work with, and apparently keeps longer, unless you’re mixing higher than 70% vg I’d stick with pg based nic


@Amy2 @Pugs1970 @Chrispdx @ozo @Kinnikinnick

Can any of you confirm that PG based Nic lasts longer than VG based nic please

I use VG based nic and would make the switch if it is true


Cant confirm it for definite, but from what I’ve read most of the complaints come from nic in vg, pg apparently has a longer shelf life, pg is easier to work with, and you can still mix 70/30 vg/pg with pg nic


I have 2 and a half litres VG in the freezer…please don’t tell me the difference is significant :flushed::tired_face:


It’ll be fine stored in the freezer, just take it out as you need it, I take it it’s all in smaller bottles


2 x 250ml, 2 x 500ml and 1 x 1lt …


That’ll be OK I’ve just heard that pg keeps better, I’ve not got stocked up myself yet going to buy a litre next week, and another litre before Xmas, not sure what’s happening with the sale of nic yet


Grrrr. My brain is not working at the moment and that one little fact I cannot remember :see_no_evil:

What I can say from experience is this…I had 100mg nic in 100% pg last me 10 months without an issue. My worry has always been hot spots and pg based nic is easier to shake.


This! Never even thought about it, thanks!


Sorry, can’t confirm it, but I have never noticed a difference, and I have only used VG nic the last year+.

I have had hot spots with both, VG and PG, but always with 100mg, so I stopped using it and switched to 48mg and 60mg, and only VG base.

Last month I finished a 150ml bottle of 48mg VG that was less than half full, and had been in the fridge for at least 10 months…it got hidden behind some bags of catnip…and forgotten. I am vaping two mixes with it as I type, and nothing wrong with it [5mg nic juice].

My home stays at 74F all year round. When I mix, I take the nic out and let it acclimate to room temp. If I am in a hurry, I run some lukewarm water in a beaker [80F] and set the bottle in it for a few minutes. It always shakes easily.


I was using some 50mg/ml VG based nic, plastic bottle, I only buy small bottles (100ml) at a time and shake the crap out of it before use, I store mine in the back of the cupboard and so far “knock on wood” its been good, only discolours near the end when I assume there is a lot of oxygen in the bottle.

My latest bottle is 72mg/ml in a glass bottle from DarkstarVapour

I prefer the VG based nic because I can pour it in to a narrow bottle neck, PG would be too runny I think, if it turns out PG lasts longer though… I might switch just to try it…


I don’t believe that pg nicotine has a longer shelf life they both seem to be around 1 -2 years depending on storage , strength, usage. I’ve used both and have had more issues with pg based nicotine tasting bitter over time than any of my Vg nicotine. I only use Vg based as of now but this is just my experience.

here’s what Nude Nicotine has to say on each of them regarding their strength and their base


I’ve just thought, as VG is thicker it might actually protect the nicotine, kind of the same as storing volatile alkali metals in oil to keep the oxygen out…