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Best place to buy VG PG concentrates etc (uk)


Haven’t tried chefs but I find Lubrisolve VG to be very good - not sure on the shipping costs though?



Thanks, I just checked, but they don’t ship anything over 1 liter to Israel. 1 liter is 11.70 shipping, which is not bad at all, but chefs is a flat 5 pound for all shipping.


Hopefully somebody else will be able to offer their opinion on Chefs VG to help you decide. I do order concentrates from them regularly and their Customer Service is great. :blush:


I have just asked chefs who manufacturers their VG and if they have the MSDS.
I will post their reply here.


I’ve used chefs VG it’s as good as any other imo


Thanks, I will give it a try the next time I order flavorings from them.


Hi i am a new mixer too, i have found

Vapable - Incredible Value E Cigs, E Liquid and Accessories
http://vapable.com/ for flavor concentartes

DarkStar Vapour
http://www.darkstarvapour.co.uk/ for nic and VG PG


Do they ship to Denmark?


You can try - http://www.lubrisolve.com