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Best place to buy VG PG concentrates etc (uk)


Ah, ok.

Bit pricey but great quality - http://www.ampulla.co.uk
Good quality low price Plastic bottles - https://www.ibottles.co.uk
Really nice glass but no straight tip droppers. - https://www.baldwins.co.uk

@Pugs1970 Has some places he gets bottles, possibly ebay??


https://stormvapours.co.uk/ :+1:


Cheers for that, I’ll check them all out and see what suits.


I stay loyal to John at flavorart uk for my FA flavors because I know I am getting an original FA bottle with an accurate batch number and date on it. I also use Rainbowvapes and have had wonderful customer service with James. Never had a problem with them but I messed up my online order. James sorted it out for me right away, great guy. John is an outstanding vendor too with excellent customer service as well.

I have also used vapable and like that with them, you can spend just 20 quid and get free delivery. I have been looking at chefs vapour lately and will be trying some Real Flavors soon. I’ve been holding out for the raw extracts but I don’t think I can wait much longer to try them. I think I will email them too @Lolly

As far as nic Piratesvape uk website is down, dark star are my current choice now. I buy litres of vg based nic and freeze them broken down into amber glass bottles. Dark star is selling freezer packs of 4 500ml amber bottles ready for the freezer and they are selling like hotcakes.I won’t derail this on the TPD issue… I forgot about a 100ml bottle of VG nic about 2/3 gone, the color had changed to a light orange. It was almost 2 years old and tasted just fine mixing with it.

Thanks for sharing this link, I am down to the last of my VG and need to reorder. I had come across them before but was unsure how good their product is. Now I feel confident enough to give them a go and what a great price. Perfect timing for me!


Me too - always speedy with delivery.

Rainbow vapes and chefs flavours also have great customer service and delivery, but def email chefs re Real flavours extracts - the more demand the better chance we have of getting our hands on some!

I might just have to bite the bullet and order direct from them if we have no luck, depending on delivery costs!


I don’t think they can Lolly, I’m sure I have had that conv with Walt in the past, something to do with the Alcohol or something…


I also use Lubrisolve (thanks to tip-off from @Pugs1970) - highly recommend :+1:


always welcome :wink:


If you could see my sad sad face now :pensive:


I can…it’s right there…^


Ha, there is a definite resemblance. In fact the emoji system may actually have been devised using my passport photo :joy::joy:


I plan on it but figured I would wait a day or so. If enough of us keep up the demand they will supply it I hope.


I don’t mean to go off topic here but I was just wondering if there’s another storing method for nic. Pugs has told me freezing is the best option. Is there an alternative?.


Freezer or fridge for Longevity…
Dark Cool place will keep the nic for a good 9 months ???


Cheers Grubby :thumbsup:


If kept in fridge how long will it last as I want to start stocking up prior to new rules taking effect but not if its going to go off


I have a stockpile growing in my freezer, I hope to have several litres by May.
@Pugs1970 may be doing the same dunno fr sure, it was upon his suggestion
that I’m doing it


3 litres and one on the way :thumbsup:


There are many place in UK where people can buy VG\PG products.I am a user of VG\PG product. I use icore liquid product. You can use that for once.


Has anyone tried the VG from chefsflavours.co.uk?
They’re international shipping price is really low so if it’s good VG, for me that’s great, I’m in Israel and shipping from the US or UK, especially for 1 or 2 kg/liters is very high.
I did ask them about quality and they replied saying “Our VG is USP Grade and is 100% VG”.