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Biggest Order?


At least there wasn’t any skunk or pine flavors. :wink:


That apple strudel came pretty close to skunk smell :nauseated_face:
I don’t think a smell of pine would be that bad… smells like xmas


I was wondering what it smelled like…

I know right?
Because pine kept getting mentioned in the Cannabis Cappuccino thread i started thinking about a pine tree recipe. Straight up pinetree nothing else. Pine and Oak. I think such a recipe would be more about the experience, than the flavor. With every drag i could imagine it would be very reminiscent of standing in a pine forest.
Doesn’t sound awful to be honest.


Ok 4realz… It sounds a lil unpleasant but if you figure it out I’d totally buy the flavors try it! I like weird shit. :joy:


Many parts of a pine tree are edible - Euell Gibbons :evergreen_tree:


I would be very honored if you or anyone, went out and bought flavorings to try my recipes. :astonished:
When i get the Cannabis Cappuccino nailed down you have to try it. :hugs:
The Pine Tree recipe would also be interesting i assure you, but it will be much more floral and pine tree.


I sorta expect the marijuana flavor used for Cannabis Cappuccino will be Euroflavor because it is most likely the best and most useful if people went out and bought it.


Oh hell yeah, I’ll try anything once! I was totally gonna suggest euro flavors Amsterdam and white coffee until I realized EFs were hard to get for you. I might just have to mix the two of those anyway out of curiosity now anyway!


I’ve been wanting to ask someone with Euroflavors to test it for me till i can import it myself… But thought it was a little much to ask.
If you want to do it, that would simply be awesome. :joy:

Of course i have no idea what EF Amsterdam is like… So you should trust your own experience there.
The ganja should mix into the coffee you know? It shouldn’t be marijuana + coffee so i was thinking the Amsterdam at a low percentage… Plus your favorite mix of coffee and cream?


I’ll totally mix something up! If you don’t hear back from me, remind me… I’ve had a few cocktails. :joy:
The white coffee is actually the only coffee flavor I’ve jived with so far. I think I can do something with it! Hopefully sober me thinks so to… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I started out by saying Cappuccino FA, @BoDarc recommended Tiramisu FA and @DarthVapor suggested Dark Bean (Espresso) FA. They all have their qualities.

That means no FA coffees right? :slightly_smiling_face:



Still, i have no experience with EF, completely talking out of my ass.
But taking a wild guess, White Coffee is mild? With creams added? Is it good? :blush:

If you have a hangover tomorrow i will!


Four liters of VT nic…
$500. About the same cost of getting my nic. satisfaction for One Month the “old way”.

Flavor orders? I’m confident I’m Not the only mixer who cannot find all the flavors they want from just one sourch. Hence a bunch of smaller orders from severel vendors.


Me too.
But there must have been a time where they had alot of what you wanted? :slightly_smiling_face:


Sure. I can live just ordering from BCF. Just not as well.:slightly_smiling_face:


My biggest order was 20-odd Real Flavor SC concentrates all in one go from Rainbow Vapes. 10ml size, rebottled , so not near so expensive as you might think.

My most expensive order…errr, promise not to tell my elderly Mum,… (she gave me some money as a gift, and she’s probably faint if she knew what i bought with it) …Promise? …cross your heart and hope to die?

Ooookay, it was 13 bottles of 15ml Medicine Flower, direct from Manufacturer @ $22 apiece. Then I had to pay postage from the USA to UK on top of that . And then UK customs landed me with a £73 bill for VAT, import duty and handling charge. :blush:

you can do the maths for yourselves.

Was it worth it?

Oh yessss! But please don’t tell my Mum. If I buy a bleedin’ book she says "But you’ve already got cases full of books. What do you need another one for? " :laughing: So the chances of her understanding the need for more flavours are zero. I’m not sure I quite understand that myself. But hey! at least I don;t spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on somewhere to park my butt, like normal people do :rofl: (nor would I, not even supposing I could ever afford to do that)

Oh! and I once ordererd about £180 worth of Aspire hardware all at once, when it was going cheap in the sales. ( I forgot about hardware) . I mean £180 was what I paid, but it was worth a lot more at full price. And it didn’t take me long to make the money back from savings on smokes :slight_smile:




It’s always painful to see what the final price is in the bottom of the shopping list.
But when you take into consideration how much you were actually spending on cigarettes it’s nothin’.


Err, not quite nothing. Then there are those other big orders i tend to foget about, such as huge box (almost a crate!) of VG and distilled water, so as not to have to order it again in a hurry. That surely conts as big. :rofl:

Oh! and eight 250mg bottles of 72mg nicotine base to stash in my freezer, just before the notorious TPD came into effect.( I would have got more than that , but I ran out of money, at that point :laughing: ) and the further two litres I bought a bit later, having discovered that was still possible, and nrt wanting to count on that being an ongoing situartion.

Yet when you say “big order” it’s that Medicine Flower one that comes straight to mind! It’s by far the biggest price-wise. And I’m not sure I’m saving any money at all , at this juncture. But I could last out a seige, if need be :slight_smile: (and if I still had power!)


Yeah, I haven’t liked anything else coffee that I’ve tried, even tiramisu. :frowning:

Yep, milky semi-sweet mild coffee. It is pretty good!


You don’t do coffee irl either?! :open_mouth:

I’m sure the White Coffee would work too. I also imagined doing a mild, coffee with milk for the FA coffees. :blush: