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Biggest Order?


Oh, no I drink TONS of coffee irl! I meant coffee vapes. :wink:


I figure coz coffee and butter don’t work well together? :crazy_face:


Actually they go GREAT together! I’m not even kidding, try a spoonful of butter in your coffee sometime (real coffee not ejuice…lol), its delicious! :yum:


I’ll give it a try for the sake of trying new things, but I can’t say it really sounds appealing!
I never drink coffee with milk, cream or other dairy products since I’m lactose intolerant, i doubt I will like it.


Can you vape TPA Sweet Cream??


Haha well if you do try it let me know what you think. I almost always drink my coffee black, but the butter thing really is good to change it up (well, good to me… but I’m weird).


A spoonful you say?



Yeah I know, I can (there’s no lactose in it) and I can add it to a real coffee too, but since I’m lactose intolerant, I just don’t like the flavor.
I used to like mushrooms but after my 3rd bad food poisoning that took me to hospital, I really don’t like them anymore. You’re just not going to like flavors that you link to feeling really bad after consumption.


:musical_note: Just a spoonfull of butter… :musical_note:


Mushrooms… It’s the fish that kills you.


or mushrooms that are 30 years passed the best before date…



Wow, that’s nasty.


Army food … they don’t throw away anything!


From a vendor’s going out of business sale. By far the most at one time for me.


Do you still have the majory left or did you sell some? :open_mouth:


I gave one bottle of FA Butter away (sorry Mama) but have all the rest still.


over 400$ I researched on here and diy/reddit for over 3 week’s and almost had every flavor I needed for mixing.Best thing I did love diy