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Black Friday Sales 2016


Yep, ugly as all get-out.


@Lostmarbles I wish you didn’t make that post about Vapor Beast, YOU made me order that Griffin mini I had been holding off getting.
Thanks (seriously) I do appreciate it.


Muahahahaha…my plan is working!


Great price for sure! Do you know who makes it??

Also, IIRC while reading on ECF this past spring…(was reading old posts) saw a shootout with this in the comparison, and something stuck in the memory as being a ‘negative’. Can’t recall if it was throat hit or peppery…but I know it was one of the two.

I think NicSelect trumps them (quality and tasteless wise), but damn. At that price…it’s got me thinking twice even though I already have the majority of a liter still in the freezer. >< lol


The first time I ordered nicotine it was from mfs. I didn’t get any peppery taste or bad throat hit from it. I do use nic select now because I got a butt load for cheap (and obviously all the reviews around here for it are great), but I honestly didn’t notice any difference between mfs and nic select when I switched.


I remember that post and it’s bull. It is high quality nic. I don’t get pepper and all nic will give a throat hit, it depends on a person’s sensitivity. It is all I use. I still have a third of a litre from over a year ago and I got a litre the last time they had a discount, though i haven’t seen one this good, i amtempted to get another (we don’t know what will happen) . Anywho here are some specs, they wīll also send theyre test results


Black Friday only code: 2016BlackFriday

EDIT: Free shipping over $15.00 purchase


ditto. I have a couple liters of it, 1.5 liters of nude and 0.5 liters of RTS and am tempted to get another of MFS for that price but my current nic supply should last me and another vaper in the house 20+ years as it is. I mixed up a few 100ml recipes at 5mg as a gift and if he ends up wanting more in the future I may have to increase the size of my nic stash but at this point I probably won’t bother ordering any more until that 2018 date gets closer.


Nic River:


Coilmaster 521 Tab for $9.99 plus Take 12% off your order with
Coupon Code: BLKFRY22

Just a rewards link for me, not an affiliate: http://vaporworld.biz/?lr=5627d5d795aefe8f042afab4

Check out there BLK FRY section for some killer deals.


Thanks for this. I just grabbed a 521 tab as a backup, a Kbag and a spare vape mat for $20 plus ship.


is there a code for this ???


Yes, discount code: Holidays

  1. Black Friday deal is 20% OFF everything excluding pure nicotine.

  2. This 20% OFF deal is for ONE day, this FRIDAY, 11/25/2016.

  3. Once the deal has passed it is gone, act fast!

  4. Free Shipping is still applicable with 20% OFF for domestic orders.

  5. We will out of the office Thursday 11/24/16 and Friday 11/25/16.

  6. All orders will begin shipping Monday 11/28/16 and please expect mild delays.

  7. All 10ml sizing options have been added to every flavor.

  8. Don’t forget to check out our BRAND NEW DIY and Nicotine Titration Kits.



thank you ive been waiting for this and have some re stocking to do


@VapeyMama & @Dan_the_Man
Very much appreciate the feedback!

Looks like I’ll have to keep them in mind for future reference. It would seem (as mentioned elsewhere) that I’ve hit the wall for this holiday’s spending before the majority of things even got rolling.

I’m not bothered though. Always good to have more options when the time comes! =)

Thank you both!


Damn good deals there. Was loading up the cart when the site went down. Hope it comes back soon.


Medicine Flower flavors, 5ml for $3.99 each. Not sure as I haven’t used them, but I think it’s normally $20 for 15mls?

**EDIT: Ohhhhh, just tried the elrecipes coupon code and it works with sale :wink:

So $3.59 for 5ml Medicine flavors.**


I just checked and the site is up now.


I am almost afraid to try them, what if I really like them at the price they normally go for a rebuy would be tough.


I know. I have refused to try them due to the pricing. I just can’t wrap my head around something being “that good” to make the prices worth it. I get tempted to try every once in a while just to try one to say I did. But…