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Black Friday Sales 2016


Can’t tell which version it is since the display isn’t lit up.

Do you know which it is? [CM 521 TAB]


Thanks, I was able to get through earlier. Picked up a CM tab 21, Crius and a handful of vape pouches for $20. Great deal!


This is the link they have under the item:

hope that helps


I know me too. no more money. oh well shit happens. I actually purchased the materials to build my own mod. inspired by whiterose


Thanks a bunch.
If it’s that one, it’s the latest version…and a hell of a deal.
The first version showed a ‘pipe’ in fire mode…the newer version [board] looks like this.


that is another bottle for me with that savings heheh i am getting 10 to 15 and peay they are all as good as the strawberry


Do any of the Diy or Nicotine suppliers accept paypal? just curious as I still have a lot saved there and no time to so a bank transfer :frowning:


If you’re fast and have a good bank, I’ve been getting my PayPal transfers the next day this past month. Try it! -can’t hurt!


I may try, Gremlin Diy does accept paypal unfortunately I dont know if they will be having a sale :frowning:


A little bird told me they’ll be having a 20% off Sale… You should be good! :wink:


Nice, thanks much :+1:


Vaporbeast 20% off plus free shipping. Coupon code “black” good through the 27th.


Has anyone seen anything for Vapor Range? I thought I saw a 10% off earlier, but haven’t been able to find it again.


In Canada: DIY E-juice 15% off bottle sizes 120 mL and smaller. Coupon code FRIDAY2016, now through 11/28/2016. Free shipping in Canada for purchases over $99 still applies! (Guess how I found that out… :wink:)


As the koolaid man says, oh Yeah!!!


A little birdie in your Victorian lace bustier told you? :smile_cat:


Today and tomorrow…$76…flash sale…HCigar Inbox

Squonk this…


Well… more like a massive gouge in my banking balance. :grin:


Did I miss it or is there a post about a sale at Real Flavors for Black Friday


Lightning Vapes Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale all weekend through Tuesday. Code BLACKFRIDAY
Nitecore I4 charger (2016 V) $13.93!