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Black Friday Sales 2016


I haven’t ordered any RF because I’m confused on which type to buy. I looked but couldn’t find info on the difference between the Raw Extracts, VG and PDO based. Any general info please? I would guess that the Raw Extracts need more steep time??? What does PDO stand for?
FYI Real Flavors… You’d sell more if you’d put this info more visible for people like me… the average person.
PS Thanks for the 50% off Real Flavors tip with code…BlackFriday2016


I have some of the RAW and VG flavorings.The RAW extracts are the ones that most people are excited about.The RAW extracts are comparable to Medicine Flower that you are used to working with.
The VG flavorings we are using in the 5-15% flavor range.
The RAW are more in the .5 - 2.0% flavor range.
The PDO ones simply use 1,3 Propanediol in the base.I know nothing about these but have been told they are comparable percentage wise to the VG ones .They will use in the 5-15% range.
Here is a link about PDO , if you can read and understand it please come back and let us all know.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Here is a link to the RAW flavors most mixers are using now.


Thanks so much. Kept hitting “Refresh” looking for your reply while I made my order of RAW Extracts. Wow!!! Today’s the day to order at 50% off. I even went back and got a few more after I saw that the shipping was only $6. My Grand total was only $57.


Mine is going to be much larger than that…


Walt posted the sale sometime last night or early trhis morning 50% off retail

OK Ok Ok OK Ok Ok Ok Ok… I get it lol… People wanted a Black Friday sale haha

Just checked my email and I tell you there was over 50 people who asked haha.

SOOO… 50% off ALL RETAIL ITEMS TODAY only! Use code BlackFriday2016

EXTRACTS are included!


I am planning to eventually switch completely to RF extracts. I still have a lot of TPA/CAP/FW but at half off I guess the time is now.


I recently bought two…processed, shipped, received. [Limited Edition G2]
One took 3 days, the other 4 days…CA to TN USPS

If you ordered from Vapor Cube yesterday or today…they are gone for Thanksgiving.

Did you get an order number?..then you are good to go. They are more trustworthy than many preachers, eh?


Simple basic is PDO has one molecule less than PG, so it has the same ‘carrier’ characteristic
as PG, but people [most] that become allergic to PG, have no problem with it.
This is not the ‘lab’ explanation, just a sort of layman version.

The flavor % [should] be a bit less than the VG %

This may help explaining it…PDO is a [3 carbon diol] [hydroxyl]


I ordered yesterday from Walmart. I wish they had advertised the discount ahead of time. I might grab a couple more today.


What do you recommend from them? I love the strawberry btw :slight_smile:


Yeah it was either that or pay my property taxes and keep an address to have well nothing delivered to so I’m paying the property taxes. But at least it’s warmer inside than outside. lmao. Besides the only thing I’m needing is RF boysenberry flavor or extract it’s good, unfortunately I’m also jonesing for some FLA Boysenberry I like to use the 50/50 in my stuff. The FLA really has that just mashed a really ripe cold berry I’m my mouth taste.


Lavabox M DNA 75 $59.99



I’d recommend following this thread to see what me and others like. This line is very new and I’m sure there are more gems to be discovered.


I did get an order number.


I am sure you are good…
I doubt they will be in to process orders before Monday…and they may have MANY.
They are great people.


In facr, Brown Sugar was the one flavor that I did need to get. I’ve never re-purchased that basic flavor again and I’ve got the original TPA .27oz bottle I got when I first started mixing 1.5 yrs ago. I got it in the TPA 140 sample pack for $170 at that time which gave me a good start up of flavors for my cupboard. Well, I’m SO happy to hear your recommendations on the Real Flavors. I’ve been looking at them a bit lately, and now i’m glad I got some. Excited for many I ordered today. Here’s the list of RF purchase. I also made an order at Ecig Express that was more extensive… of mostly FA flavors
:slight_smile:Order summary
Pancake Extract ×
Baked Bread Extract ×
Rhubarb Extract ×
Yumberry Extract ×
Bourbon Extract ×
Cake Batter Extract ×
Black Raspberry Extract ×
Vanilla Custard Extract ×
Baklava Extract ×
Cream Cheese Extract ×
Shortbread Cookie Extract ×
Brown Sugar Extract ×
Apple Extract × LOL I just had to try the Apple. I wonder how many 'Apple brands I have now. Never did try the MF, but probably didn’t miss a thing Still can’t even use the MF Green Apple or any Green Apple any brand for that matter. There’s several MF flavors I just don’t even want (that I have), i.e., Hazelnut, Guava, and at least 6 more. Hope RF will be better, better, better. Price today was great, that’s for sure.


hehe, looks like you and i got a lot of the same flavors:

Butter Toffee Extract - 1oz
Brown Sugar Extract - 1oz
Cheesecake Extract - 1oz
Condensed Milk Extract - 1oz
Coconut Extract - 1oz
Cookies and Cream Extract - 1oz
Cream Extract - 1oz
Fried Dough Extract - 1oz
Graham Cracker Extract - 1oz
Marshmallow Extract - 1oz
Molasses Extract - 1oz
Oatmeal Cookie Extract - 1oz
Pancake Extract - 1oz
Rice Crispy Treat Extract - 1oz
Shortbread Cookie Extract - 1oz
Strawberry Extract - 1oz
Sugar Cookie Extract - 1oz
Vanilla Custard Extract - 1oz
White Chocolate Extract - 1oz
Apple Extract - 1oz
Banana Extract - 1oz
Baked Bread Extract - 1oz
Bourbon Extract - 1oz
Cake Batter Extract - 1oz

Had some others I wanted but I still have plenty cap/tfa on hand of similar flavors so I skipped them for now.


Thanks for the heads up @BoyHowdy made a small order of:

This morning at 6:30am… almost was late to work getting out the door… lol


$20.00 for a ton of SS wire. Last I checked there were only 8 available. I buy from them all the time without any issues whatsoever.


All good deals are not equal, and I apologize for butting in.
For SS I am very skeptical of the composition [diol]
I would not vape it, but I will NEVER say to others not to.
As a resident turd, take it for what it’s worth from me.