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Black Friday Sales 2016


http://www.onestopdiyshop.com/category-s/180.htm has Real Flavors, 20% off with code JFK…


I woulsn’t say a “turd”. More like loveable curmudgeon LOL. Thanks for the input Ozo!


anything from BCV ???


It’s all week end I think. CYBER2016 = 20% off everything.


thank you i couldnt find it but they havebtwo must have flave TFA honeydew and ive gotta try this italian cream from Hangsen, i had to get my stuff from nicotine river today because its only one day but the rest of my budget is gonna be split between ECX and BCV


These sales shot my will power all to hell, lol.


im still contemplating the MF thing from ECX weighing the pros vs con the biggest con is they go back up to 10bucks for 5ml adter this weekend biggest pro the orice and they will go along way at 2pct tops for your top flave or using them at less for accent type flaves that is the one that has me back and forth


They sound really good but it’s way too steep for me, even with the discount. They don’t offer anything that I’m craving, that I haven’t found in the other manufacturers.


50% off! Today only at real flavors BlackFriday2016 :grinning:


i just ordered a bunch of FA flaves i havent tried so i guess ill focus on them but we will see


ok evey body i borrowed 20 dollars (again) and got 6 MF (lotus) flavors from www.ecigexpress.com for $20.42 normally 10 dollars a bottle they are listed at 4 then if you use coupon code blackfriday25 you get another 25%


I grabbed a few more today:

Order summary
Peach Extract × 1
Root Beer Fountain Style Extract × 1
Pear Extract × 1
Pineapple Extract × 1
Oatmeal Cookie Extract × 1
Strawberry Extract × 1
Yumberry Extract × 1

I meant to get Pumpkin Pie but my mind went totally blank the very moment i loaded the page, of course. Threshold amnesia is real and it works on the internets too… I also wanted to grab Brown Sugar, as soon as i hit the place order button i remembered.

If i had known about the sale on Wednesday i would have gotten many more, as im sure many others would have, but my budget went mostly to Gremlin, who doesnt have Absinthe (TPA), grrrrrrrr.

@Walt_RealFlavors Im not complaining at all and i very much appreciate the sale.

I actually logged in to make sure that you knew of the sale, @Pro_Vapes and thank you much for tagging me @BoyHowdy.


If I had more notice I probably would have doubled my 20+ flavor order from RF. Had already spent some on gear at a few places so had to scratch a few flavors for now but will be ordering more after the first of year when I see what new extracts are available.


Natures Flavours have a banner on homepage saying Free $25 Gift Certificate when you spend $25 on there homepage, No further details than that though… from now to Cyber Monday


Just want to give my final opinion on Medicine Flower. Reguardless of price (since that doesn’t matter to me because I’d buy what is best no matter what). MF stinks compared to other brands. Many of the 28 flavors I have - I do not use or do not like at all. The ones that I do use must be added to to make them good. The Peach… I must add another brand of peach to it. Same for the blueberry, blackberry, butterscotch, caramel, dark chocolate, ect. Many I don’t like or use at all, like vanilla, passion fruit, mango, guava, white chocolate. So reguardless of price, my opinion is … buy other brands. I will not be buying any more MF flavors.