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Black friday sales thread 2017


If you don’t mind me asking, how long does a liter last you? I’m going to place an order for the first time and a liter sounds like too much. Would you recommend buying that much for a beginner?


Do some quick math of how much juice you make total, say in a month. Multiply that by the % of Nicotine you use, that will give you a good reference point.


Thanks I’ll tell my daughter to help my. I suck at math.


Just as a reference, if you use 3mg nicotine in your juice, 1L of 100mg nicotine will make you about 33L of juice.


You can put nic in the freezer and for myself, 1 liter will last me about 10 months at 3mg nic and I vape around 30 to 50mls a day depending on the day and what I am doing.


In case anyone missed this. :wink:


I did. Thanks VM.


No prob bob! Err… Saxonn…lol


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Bit of ELR affiliate links :slight_smile:


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Good stuff @robin


A liter last a long time. I like to have a stock pile in my freezer. I take the liter and break it down into 120ml amber bottles with phenolic caps. I label them and stick them in the freezer. It helps keep the nic fresh.


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I need a FT coupon. Y’all tag me if you find one. :wink:


Just came looking for that!


If anyone stumbles across a good deal for the Wismec Reuleaux DNA250 Bronze edition, please let me know.


THANKS15 for 15% off. Found it here :smile:



Just placed my order for the N1 Pro 240W Mod Black&Gold $37.20… half price!


THANKS15 will get you 15% on fasttech @jojo


@juice_junkie_lover and @woftam you guys rock!! Thanks for helping me empty what’s left of my bank account. :grin: