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Blueberry Jam (CAP)


I have to say FW makes a very good bluebery i tried tfa extra molinbery cap jam an blueberry hands down FW i have bilberry here never tried it. But you wont go wrong with FW


TOC’S Aurora Dream (SOUR) : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/417437/TOC%27S+Aurora+Dream+%28SOUR%29

1% Aurora (FA)
4% Dragonfruit (TPA)
4% Honeysuckle (TPA)
0.5% Lemon (FE)
1.5% Monsoon (FA)
1% Orange (FA)
1% Tanger (Mandarin) (FA)

Flavor total: 13%

just have a fresh wick or coil ready if it’s too sour hahahahaha


Personally i like blueberry jam the best by cap


still working with the blueberry jam… I haven’t used bilberry but aim to give it a shot… I also have to say FW blueberry is excellent. I’ve had good results with the FW blueberry so far… I like this blueberry jam but haven’t had as good of results with it, seems to be pretty sweet. Loving blueberry yogurt but my blueberry breads aren’t as good


What u guys think of inawera blueberry? I’ve tried FA,CAP,FW & i have inawera. I’m looking to make a blueberry cream similar to True blu by Kilo. It’s a lovely creamy,candy-ish blueberry and I’m positive theres some custard in there too. Very moreish mmm.


Do you have INW BB ? I do like it but whew it does get to work take over a batch quickly… at 3% was my first stab at it and at first it was delicious not guna lie then for some reason it turned musty and a bit bitter a tad so I dropped it down in the 1.25-1.50% range and it handled it much better…just sayn it’s bold and a tiny bitter.


Yes i do have it @Amy2 i too find it bitter and i will take your advice about percentages. Made one with 4% in and although tasty at first it wasn’t long befor it overwhelmed everything else and gave that musky dank taste/flavour. Not nice.
So what would you recomend for a creamy, more, candish blueberry cream? Your advice would be greatly appreciate. Thanks.


can you link your stash ?

I haven’t mixed enough with BB Jam to see what flavors adjust well to being with it yet so I’ll post a few BBs that are sweet as they are.

BB candy TFA ( clouds mixes but it is water soluble )

BB Extra My favorite in the TFA family set back is needs higher %s to really pick up the note you want 6 and Up starts to get really nice.

Natural BB by LA - very very sweet but has notes of real BB based in Glycerin so shake well !!! ( and adjust setting on ELR calc. )

BB FW- sweet But still has bitter notes stay under 3%

BB cap’s- mild BB not as sweet great to add to another BB to bring up the note. ( This one may work well w/ BB Jam ) But it needs to be in the 4-6% range too weaker flavor.

BB FLV- Very Very Sweet BB and on the lines of being candy-ish…interesting this one is probably a shoo in for making a BB jam/syrup w/ pancakes or waffles.

BB MUffin FLV-good too has the same BB note but w/ a Bakery background.

Here is a WIP and is steeping it’s a few BB mixed together

Jam Berry

Ingredient %
Blueberry Extra (TPA) 3.5
Blueberry Jam (CAP) 2
Blueberry Wild (TPA) 2.5
Cream Fresh (FA) 1.5
DX Bavarian Cream (TPA) 2.5
Golden Butter (CAP) 0.76
Milk Condensed (FA) 0.3

Flavor total: 13.06%

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I’ve opend my stash @Amy2 so you’ll see what i have.
I quite like bilberry FA i used that with cap blueberry and it was quite nice but still lacked a bit. I haven’t got much in the blueberry range but an order is going in this week coming and would add any suggestions. Blueberry jam is on the list already.
The bb flv and bb muffin flv sound like the two i need, maybe wilh some bilberry fa to make a nice bb cream
I’ve took a screen shot of your jam berry and I’ll try that one. Sounds nice.
Thanks for your input.


can you link it here ? I don’t see where I can view it or better yet what is your ELR home name ?
It would be a nice addition to the site if I could click on your name ( Avatar ) and then somewhere have a link to your stash…hint hint @daath ?


Sorry amy try now.


Interesting Idea came to mind when scrolling down your stash… i once used a little bit of fuji in a bb mix to sweeten it ? Maybe you could add a lil apple pie FA along w/ the bilberry and BB jam ?

Do yourself a favor and pick up some fuji I didn’t see it on your list it also is known to give a nice mouthfeel to your batches… but in the meantime. I’d go with BB jam a lil bit like 0.2 ( 1 drop of ) bilberry , apple pie stay under 1 you really don’t want the apple to come thru like in the 0.4% range and you may I am unsure how that will smell altogether but you may can use a tad of brown sugar like 1 drop to sweeten it as well for a bakery style juice I don’t know about how that would get along with a cream note though seems like this combination would do better as a cupcake or a muffin ? hee hee I have know confused us all I am sure.


Your input is much appreciated amy thank you. :yum:


I found the recipe that had all that going on and it turns out it did have a lil cream in it, but the apple must of been a later adaption ? who knows with me.


Ingredient %
Biscuit (INAWERA) 0.5
Blueberry Extra (TPA) 6
Blueberry Wild (TPA) 3
Brown Sugar Extra (TPA) 1.26
Vanilla Swirl (TPA) 2.26

Flavor total: 13.01%

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pull out the wild BB add a lil BB jam and then maybe you can add the creams in place of what you don’t want… just ideas.

And Yes hellz yes that Brown sugar is prominent in this mix but was supposed to be :wink:


haven’t experiemented with cream too much, I have a blueberry jam/vanilla bean steeping now…
The blueberry jam is nice in yogurt blends (which Kilo always reminds me of, of course)
haven’t tried any INW blueberry (or anything inw for that matter) its also a very sweet blueberry, in my experience it takes a little bit to die down… I’ve also used FW blueberry to bump the blueberry flavor and sometimes add Fuji at like a .25% range but for me the fuji seems very strong in comparison to others percentages i’ve seen mix with it… I’ve been playing with it some but so far prefer FW for bakery flavors, and the CAP Jam for the sweeter mixes, so may work well with cream, ill check that blueberry ice cream and see how its developing tonight


I’m vaping the MF Blueberry. STILL not enough blueberry flavor for me! One great thing about the MF is you can go up in percentage and not get any chemical/over flavor effects like with artificial flavoring. Another thing I’m finding is that if you add the MF and another brand of the same flavor together, you can get really strong flavor. I’m thinking about it this way… You know how foods, ect will say “Artificial and real flavors”. I think both together makes for strong flavor. I am going to order the Capella Blueberry Jam when I make a flavoring order and give it a try. By the way… Like other fruits, there are so many types of blueberry taste and who knows which one I really like. I just know I’d like more, more, more . How do you like it? More, more, more. How do you like it?


Yeah, getting a strong blueberry flavor is hard, especially if it has to be more natural - I’ve only found Flavour Art’s Bilberry that I like - I just got Bluberry Candy (TPA) that I wanted to try something with, but that’s just to get an approximation of a vendor juice… :slightly_smiling:


Ok Daath, I’m now dripping Bilberry FA in there…(Deadmods RDA on Sigelei 150 watt mod at 32 watts .2 ohm twisted Kanthal coil.))) That’s good. Mmm.
I’ve been dripping and alternating a Blueberry Cheesecake mix…alternating with MF Blueberry and TFA Cheesecake and FA Cheesecake. mmmm seems to add a smoothness. Want the blueberry to stand out. This is much more creamy. Thanks. Perhaps you have satisfied my hunger for a good blueberry cheesecake. I had a look around and see the Bilberry used a lot / often in blueberry recipes. I did NOT know that. Again… thanks. Joya


Flavor west blueberry. My adv for a year. Nothing is never as true. I got Capella blueberry jam. An I love it. So so good. Then I ordered a 4 oz bottle an I swear it is not as sweet an kinda has a perfume taste. I am really mad about it. I know how good Capella can be.