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Blueberry Jam (CAP)


Any feedback on Capellas blueberry jam? Got some on the way, only like four recipes up for it, was wondering if anyone has given it a shot. Got some on the way was hoping it would do like it said and be good for breakfast blends. Blueberry donuts or pancakes , something along those lines.

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Haha maybe the categories wouldn’t be so bad after all much thanks ill get rid of this thread if possible haha


If you can’t delete it yourself, @daath could. :wink: Not saying you have to, just throwing that out there. LoL.


I have it in my flavor stash but haven’t mixed with it yet. Guess I need to LOL


Yep not sure if I can either, plus phone service is ugly here. Not every button loads all the time haha


Trying (cap) blueberry and pomegranate , and kiwi and strawberry. Stand alone is 10% plus on both. Had them steeping for a week tomorrow so will test both then and update.


Blueberry jam in that pom blend?

Strawberry kiwi is always good combination, sadly all the drinks like this leave that weird taste/feeling in my mouth so kind of has turned me away from some fruit blends… Naturally I know this isn’t a drink but my subconscious is like “noo, you don’t like fruity blends”…

I did love the BAM I threw together, FA Fuji, TPA banana cream, and TPA mango, but is still the only fruit blend I’ve tried haha. Have some left to see how it aged, was keeping a profile of apple inhale, banana mango smoothie exhale… I’ll have to see how it turned out later…


Anybody else on the blueberry jam?

Couple recipes with it so far… Still not enough to really report much…
a very sweet blueberry flavor… Overpowering surprisingly but still have to see how it is after an extended stay but as of right now even 2% can take over…
Working out well at 1% with using my FW blueberry at 2-3%
Very nice touch in yogurt recipes


Adding it to my cart.


Im loving Blueberry jam this one is oozing with bluberry its awesome!!

Ohm’s Blueberry Grunt : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/403991/Ohm%27s+Blueberry+Grunt

2% Blueberry (Molinberry)
5% Blueberry Jam (CAP)
0.5% Brown Sugar (TPA)
3.5% Cake (Yellow) (FW)
0.5% Caramel (FA)
1% Dulce de Leche (TPA)
1% Graham Cracker v1 (CAP)
0.5% Liquid Amber (FA)
1.5% New York Cheesecake (CAP)
4.5% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 20%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/3bAN


I’ll def play with it more since it’s about to be the only blueberry I have on hand… I also seem to use lower % than others with fruits they seem to stand out more to me


Blue Melon Candy

Ingredient %
Blueberry Jam (CAP) 2
Candy Roll (Flavorah) 1
Wild Melon (Flavorah) 1

Flavor total: 4%

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This one is good if you like candy flavors.

Blueberry Cake

Ingredient %
Blueberry Jam (CAP) 3
Cake Batter (CAP) 3
Cream Cheese Icing (LA) 3
Vanilla Cupcake (FW) 2
vanilla whipped cream 2

Flavor total: 13%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

This one is still steeping and private…I haven’t tried it yet but I think it will be good!

Blueberry Doughnut

Ingredient %
Blueberry Jam (CAP) 4
Glazed Doughnut (CAP) 4
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP) 3
Vienna Cream (FA) 1

Flavor total: 12%

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Still working with the percentages in all of these recipes, but I think they will be good.

Sweet Berries

Ingredient %
Blueberry Candy (TPA) 1.5
Blueberry Jam 1.5
Marshmallow 3
Raspberry (CAP) 2
Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA) 2.5
Sweet Strawberry (CAP) 2.5

Flavor total: 13%

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This is an old recipe that I added the blueberry jam to just to see how it turns out.



I love this one. Very tasty


okay so which is the best Blueberry flavoring?


Not sure, but by the talk I’ve heard, I’d say Lotus/Medicine Flower, then Bilberry (FA) or maybe Blueberry Jam (Cap) then …the others - not sure :slightly_smiling:


Thanks! I had Bilberry on my to buy list but then read the musty sock thing and deleted it… LOL


hehe personally I like Bilberry (FA) - especially after a steep - I don’t get the sock thing :slight_smile: But taste is subjetive :wink:


I’ve never had a bad experience with FA outside of my own stupidity. I made something so sour it tasted like a warhead candy but of course my daughter loved it so I kept the recipe. Okay back on the list it goes…


Well?! Give it up! :smiley: