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Boreas wicking help!


Best part is that there is something out there for every one of us wackos! I traded a bottom airflow RDA, love RDAs but not bottom airflow, for one of these and the person i traded it to loved the RDA, id name but i cant remember right now.


Never had a problem with the Boreas, it still gets used occasionally. I’ve personally come to love the Iron Maiden RDTA for the 8.5ml tank and the anti spitback cap. To each his own, and there are a million options.


3mm coil is what you want in this tank so you have enough cotton I wick it just like a rda make sure the cotton ends touch each other when you fold them under your coil not over lap each other. do the flip open air closeflip back then only open 2 of the air holes and hit fire button few times then open the 3rd hole or all four.I own 2 and still my best rta and I own way to many


Ok so leaving the tails longer actually worked! It’s wicking perfectly even running on the hotter end of the range for these coils. Thanks for the suggestions, this thing is cranking out flavor now:)


If this is about the original Boreas tank…I loved it…BUT, it didn’t matter how I wicked it, I always ended up with a super-saturated deck after filling it. Didn’t matter how fast I filled it, or turning it upside down for that final few turns, etc, it was always super saturated and gurgly, no actual leaking per se. Ultimately I started filling it upside down like the old Aromamizer tanks, unscrew the bottom collar and fill through the juice holes. Shockingly, filling this way and I never had that super-saturated deck problem then… If this is about the Boreas V2, I understand it has similar problems, you might try this fill method. Kind of defeats the top-fill function, but hey, it works.


I’ll throw my two cents in here. I just built the boreas for the first time a few minutes ago on the deck with the larger juice holes. I watched a couple tutorials that made it look like more cotton was better, so i started by filling the deck pretty much full of cotton. Filled it up, and it dumped all the juice out through the air holes. :rage:
Opened it back up and trimmed the wicks so that they just barely come together in the middle and are just dangling into the well. Put it back together and filled it back up and its wicking like a champ! I’m using 2.8mm ID claptons and enough cotton that i needed to twist it fairly tight to pull it through. Hopefully my success wasn’t a fluke and it’ll work just as well the next time I wick it!


Would you consider this to be over wicking?


It doesn’t seem like it, i have taken several long pulls in a row and haven’t had a single dry hit.


In other words, more cotton than usual?


Just a bit. I usually wick fairly tight anyway, but yeah just a touch more than normal.


Yeah, somehow some folks done have issues with filling it. Im pretty sure it is some sort of sorcery they are using… This is what i do:

  1. Turn upside down and let all the liquid in the vape chamber drain into the tank.
  2. Close holes.
  3. Flip right side up and fill.
  4. Flip upside down again and open airflow.
  5. Flip right side up and vape till im floating.

Anyone who doesnt have to do this must be a wizard.


Being a long time RDA guy this tank surprised me, i never expected RDA flavor from a tank. The day i got the second one was the day i put away all of my Troll V2’s for the last time. My only wish is that it came in a 30ml size…


@Whiterose0818 posted about the Boreas a while ago… the 1st I’d heard of it. At that time I was touting the Supreme, but that was quickly shutdown once I got my 1st Boreas. I’ve bought about 2 or 3 other tanks since then, but none I purchased could compete with the Boreas.


Haha speaking of which, I’m vaping on mine right now. :slight_smile: Took me awhile to jump on the bandwagon, but Moo talked me into it with how much he was raving about his on Discord. I still love my Crowns and my Flow and surprisingly this little C-II that Vaptio sent me, but the Boreas has unseated the Aromamizer as my RTA of choice.

I did have issues with wicking last time I tried. First time was fine (beginner’s luck, I swear), but I had to re-wick three times this last time to get it to not dry hit. I tried with hemp (which is what I’d had in it before and it was working great but the coils were gross) and twice with cotton. I still wanna go back to the hemp cuz I like the flavor better, but I’m a little scared. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right?

I bottom fill most of the time just to avoid the flippity flip flip song and dance to keep it from leaking. :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you grab a Boreas V2? I was tempted but buying another V1 won because i know how it performs.


I’ve been waiting to hear how they fare. Maybe I’ll check youtube for reviews.


The Boreas V2 sure is a nice looking atty though.


Same thing happened to me tried the Supreme and V2 Rdta first , which was better than the Supreme and then got the Boreas last month and it has been used exclusively now everything else is collecting dust!


One thing that I forgot to tell some other member is when you unscrew the bottom and clean your entire tank or just rebuild it, there is a 12mm x10mm x 1mm o-ring that is very easy to get washed down your sink drain, I have lost a number of them, make sure that before you start to screw on the bottom piece, that that o-ring is there and laying in the groove that is cut out for it, if that is lost, it will leak everywhere. Like I mentioned once before, I have around 5-6 of these tanks and wouldn’t have anything else. I haven’t found any other newer design RTA’s that come close to the flavor and have 5-6ml juice capacity.