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Boreas wicking help!


So I just got a boreas over Black Friday, got 3mm I.D. Coils in the deck with the larger juice holes running 70-85 watts with 70/30 vg/pg juice. Had the cotton just barely touching the deck at first and kept getting dry hits, so I cut the tails more, so there is about 1mm in between the wick and the deck, not touching at all, and I’m still getting dry hits!! I use mostly rda’s so I’m familiar with how much wick to stuff in a coil, and haven’t had a problem with any rda wicking from the juice well, so what gives? I even unscrewed the top cap a little to let juice flow down and break the vacuum, and still get a dry hit every 4 hits. What I find strange is that with the top cap loose and the vacuum broken it doesn’t leak either, you would think it should be running out the air holes…someone please help!! lol I’m so lost with this rta so far.


You want the wicking to just fan over the juice holes. Not densely packed at all. And, you need to do the “Boreas Burp” every time you fill:

Close the airflow holes. Remove the top to fill. Fill. Screw on the top most of the way. Turn it upside down. Open the airflow holes. Tighten the top cap the rest of the way. Close the airflow holes. Turn it right side up and open the airflow holes. Convoluted but works to perfection every time.

Also, you don’t want to go higher than 70% VG as it won’t wick properly with high VG.


I do the flip and fill, read about that in another thread or review somewhere lol but my wick isn’t even touching the deck now, you can see a gap between all 4 tails and the deck, in theory it should be more likely to flood than dry hit, right? Maybe 70/30 is just too much…


More likely it will flood, yes. Also, 3.0mm is a bit large for it too. It may be having issues wicking quickly enough for you. I never went more than 2.5 with mine. The cotton should just touch the bottom and feather out over the juice holes.

And I should mention that the cotton should resist lightly when inserted into the coil. If the resistance is brisk, and moves the coil, there’s too much and that will also lead to dry hits. It’s a fine line, but once you get it, you got it.


This deck benefits from a bit of over wicking… Don’t be shy with your wick.

Just don’t over fill… It will leak for sure.


Funny… Depending on what you mean by over wicking, I had a lot of leaking issues when I used more than just a fanning over the juice holes. Regardless, there’s probably more than one way to skin this cat. I like the Boreas; smooth design, easy to build, and tight as a drum as long as you wick it right and do the ol’ Burp.


You think not enough cotton could cause dry hits? I don’t have much experience with wick problems but I’ve only built on rda’s to this point,


No, I think too much cotton (length or thickness), juice flow holes not open enough, or too-thick juice would cause it. Or of course, too high power on the mod for the build.


I own 6 of these… They’re all I use. Extra wicking helps a lot.


Owning just two, and not as daily drivers anymore, I won’t bother to argue with you. Just speaking from experience too.


I’ve got wicking down as far as for an rda, and I’ve had it set where it should leak for an hour while vaping on it off and on and still get dry hits. It really should have leaked and didn’t lol I basically tried to make it leak


Sorry if I offended you… I was replying to @Fishaddict420. I’m just speaking from my experiences.


I’ll prob try extra cotton when I rewick, if that doesn’t work I think I’m gonna try a smaller id coil so less total cotton, idk lol


Basically, finding what works for you is best.


Thank’s for sharing.


No, not offended. I don’t use it as a daily driver anymore so I figured it’s best for @Fishaddict420 to get advice from someone who is basically vaping on one right now.


I have to agree with @Pro_Vapes about a little extra wicking. I was a Boreas addict for awhile when they first came out and my best results were when I over wicked slightly.


Thanks for saving me a lot of trial and error, over wicking slightly is the last thing I would have thought of lol will try in an hour or two.


I agree, i run 3 of them all day long and while you can over wick it is quite difficult. Only time i get dry hits is when i use to little cotton and still try to vape it.

I run my Boreas’s in the 65-80w range running some kind of fancy SS coils @ 3mm/.15-.2ohm. Absolutely love these things.


A good example of one reason I love vaping so much. It’s literally different for everyone, sometimes even with the same gear. One way or another you’ll figure it out. The B is a really nice RTA.