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Bottle Company


has anyone seen this or places an order they seem like great options check them out and if you have any history with them let me know



Why don’t you make some history and get a few things? Thanks brother


i think im going to , im assuming the shipping is going to be crazy


I go with https://www.containerandpackaging.com

Also use NR for their 2 and 4oz bullet pet bottles with twist cap.

A 30ml pet Boston round bottle is great for thin liquids like flavors but are horrible for finished liquid unless you pour instead of squeeze


Use code: DIY …for 10% off.


I use liquidbottles.com and packagingoptionsdirect.com


If you have amazon prime there are some really good bottle options, plus you get the free 2 day shipping which rocks. Sometimes the ones I order most often are even available for free same day shipping. I probably make up for my prime membership cost in all the shipping charges that I would have paid without it!

(This is not a paid advertisement for amazon prime… :joy: )


A to the MEN. I get it for $39 while I’m in school, but I will totally renew after. LOVE Amazon Prime. I spend more than I should, though. :laughing:

I’ve ordered bottles from them before and was happy with them. Never glass, just plastic. I mostly order from Ebay now, though. I think they’re a little cheaper and they’re trustworthy enough. I order 100 at a time and always get gypped on something like tips or caps but usually get extra of something else so it winds up working out I guess. :woman_shrugging:


Just ordered 100 30ml bottles from them…

Recieved text msg from them saying order has been shipped within a few minutes…

Edit: used the discount code : DIY

Not to crazy for 2 day shipping


thats not bad .30 a bottle


Yea was going to get 60 ml bottles also for $29 but decided to drop the 60 and get a scale from amazon

But when I order the 60 mil figure it average out to 36 cents a bottle… but waitin* to see how first order goes…

Truely put them to test ordering a few days before christmas


So far so good


Bottles arrived this morning

Bottles in one bag. Tips and caps in another bag. Tips are in a bag of their own also inside the cap bag


nice , im thinking of ordering the 120ml wide mouth ty for the update


30 mil bottle,

Opening a little smaller than chubby gorilla bottles. But was able to drip nic in the bottle when mixing a bottle by weight. After adding nic to bottle filled bottle with on of my premix bottles. First bottle went fine. Next two bottles had a little come out the top while filling . Probably be using a funnel when filling from now on.

Tip went in just fine a little tighter than chubby gorilla bottles.

Overall decent bottle will order some more later… I still need some 60 and 120 bottles…


What do you think about pipettes

Don’t look like a bad price also


Those are the tips I use, but not the long skinny bottles. They tip over too easily for a ham-hand like me to get on with.


If that one picture of the nozzle inserted into the top of the small bottle is how you put your nic in, you really should keep a space (distance) away from the top of the small bottle and drip or stream the nic into the bottle. If your inserting the nozzle in the top the pressure from the nic (and air) going into the smaller bottle is going to give you “blow back” and you will have some coming back out.


ive never used pipettes, when i first started DIY a little iver 2yrs ago i used syringes then went to a scale o still use syringes for the nicotine


Naw that was a size comparison. To give and idea of the opening size…