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Brown Sugar substitutions?


I do not have a brown sugar flavoring, was wondering if there is anything that would work in place whether any one or a combo of other things to give similar effect??


Brown sugar (in the actual food) is just sugar and molasses… You don’t happen to have a molasses flavoring do you? That’s all I can think of…


Nope no molasses either. :frowning:


I figured that would probably be the case. Bummer.


You might could get away with caramel.


Which kind lol i have a few.


i’d say CAP or FLV… also TPA caramel candy might work.


On VU, this is what HIC says about a substitute:

“There really is no substitute. The closest would be TFA Molasses with a bit of FA Meringue to lighten it. I wouldn’t be without my TFA Brown Sugar Extra.”


Yeah i figured lol ill have to order some soon.


Mike, I just looked at my flavor stash and I have a 30ml bottle of TFA Brown Sugar Extra that was given to me from my friend. I am not going to use it honestly since it is on the flavor warning list (personal preference). If you want it, it’s yours. Just pm me your address.


It never ceases to amaze me how somebody always comes through when somebody needs something.

Hey Saintboy, I could use an H Priv and an IPV 5 or 6. lmao.

Just kidding dude. You are a good man for comting through in the pinch. My hat is off to you. Too bad the people on the forum can put in votes for other users to get badges. You’d be in the running for it.


Thank you for the kind words :wink:


I aim to please kind sir.

@mikelej14 I hat to say it be if you can get BCV or Wizard labs to ship to you then get it there NR is about double their price for the 4 oz.


Oh, I love sub discussion! I recommend TPA Cheesecake (Graham) and the others +1 above this post

FYI, I just SF tested the TPA DX B.S. @2% and it is surprisingly so GOOD it’s in my ADV rotation! :heart_eyes: