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BUG Report on ELR - flavour stash expand/contract


Hi @Lars

I noticed what I think is a bug on ELR. When you view your own flavour stash and click on the expand/contract all link it doesn’t work.

However when you view it as your public flavour stash, the expand/contract link does work.

I’m using the latest Chrome on a Mac, if that helps.




Sorry, @Lars – should have been @daath




I’m on Safari and I just get a little line underneath the flavours but nothing else. Didn’t try the public thingy cause I’m lazy :wink:


yup… thats the same for me… but if you go to your profile page, and hit “my public flavour stash” and then try it, it should expand properly.


Works fine for me… :confused:


You’re absolutely right :sweat_smile:

Which browser are you using?
Just wondering if it is a Mac problem.


My bad… The Expand/Contract all works fine, you have to have filled out the info for the flavour


Now it Expands/Contracts


Ah, I didn’t think of that. I have now removed “Collapse/expand all” as it wouldn’t have worked reliably after the new update that made the stash load super fast :wink:

[REQUEST] My Stash overview page - add ml and price fields

I was wondering why I didn’t see it anymore :grinning:


One way to “fix” a bug, I guess… but the public stash still has it… e.g.:


any reason why we can’t have it back on the private view of the stash?


On the public stash all the info is loaded and hidden… On the private stash page each is dynamically loaded as they are expanded. Loading everything can be very slow for people with bigger stashes, the new way makes it workable for them :slight_smile:

I’ve added a link to the public stash on your stash page (you can see your own stash there, even if it isn’t public).


right… some ajaxy shit, no doubt… but I think I get it.

thanks for that tweak though… it does the job!




Bug report…
Or maybe it’s my phone… just something I wanted to mention…
I’m using a Samsung Note 8.

Past 2 or 3 days been having slight trouble on ELR forum.
When I go to publish my reply in any thread, I have to push the ‘Reply’ button multiple times… like 5 to 10 times before my response goes through… kinda weird.

And when scrolling through a large thread, I like to click the post numbers in the bottom right corner (blue box) it brings up the scrolling bar to zip through a thread. It hasn’t been letting me click the post #'s to bring up the scroll bar. Have to click it multiple times… like 5 - 10 times…

Idk if it’s just on my end, wanted to mention to see if anybody else experienced same problems…