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Bull City Flavors Giveaway! (Ended)


So, I wanted to do something nice for y’all, and decided to contact Bull City to buy a Gift Card for a Giveaway here on ELR. The Giveaway is for a $20 Gift Card, and the rules are simple. I wanted to show my appreciation for everyone here. :hugs:

Name a nostalgic flavor or flavor profile that takes you back to happier times, and why it is important to you. What makes that nostalgic flavor special? That’s it!

A Super Big Thank You to WllmC and Bull City Flavors for providing the Gift Card! They have some stellar folks there, and I appreciate all of them.

(PS I’m such a Doofus, it doesn’t have to be a nostalgic Eliquid flavor, it can be any flavor, like your Grandma’s Pie, or Chile Mango, or candy you ate as a kid. Anything that holds a place in your heart.)

Enter up to 5 times a day, and on Thursday April 26 I will pick a winner using Random.org between 1-2pm EST.


Super thoughtful gesture Silhouette!
I never win stuff so I’m not gonna enter but just wanted to say Thanks!


Super nice of you to donate a gift card. I’ll enter only once can’t I can’t stand posting a billion times.

Sunshine from dotcom vapor. It’s nostalgic because that was an adv for me when I was quiting the cigs. Basic a very well balance orange tangy ice cream.


Same here :+1:


One time for me as well! So nice of you :heart_eyes_cat:
Blue raspberry is a throw back for me because i have never been able to replicate it. I hold the store bought juice in my mind, hoping some day i can have a tasty clone!


It’ll be Strawnana Custard for me. It was one of the 1st successful mixes I was able to recreate.


i would have to say Crunk berry by ruthless , omg it was heavenly, tried it again about a year ago and its horrid i do believe its berry crunch , vanilla custard and sucralose all TPA ty for the giveaway very kind of you


Thank you for the giveaway :hugs:

My local store makes a rocket pop that reminds me of my childhood. This juice has it all, the fizz the citrus notes, all the fruit notes yada yada.

I purchased so many other rocket pop variations but nothing came close, same for flavors. By now I think they bend lots of uncommon fruits and ended up with that blend. I’ve never recreated it or came even close, this is going to haunt me lol.


For me it would be
Madd Murdock’s Pluid
Nostalgic, Because we are Friends and continue to be still :slight_smile:
Thanks @Silhouette :heart:


I fell in love with 2 flavors at the onset of vaping. One, which was Cap Harvest Berry was an in house liquid from a local shop. The second was Rita by Pinup Vapors, which turned out to be nothing more than FA Forest Fruit. =)

Thanks BCV and Silhouette!


Awesome gesture @Silhouette and thank you!!
The one that I’d like to acknowledge would be Coffee. The first flavor I really enjoyed and had me excited about vapping.


Once for me also. Very nice opportunity!
Thanks Silhouette and BCF!
For me when I started Vaping, it was Vanda.
Johnson Creek I think, REALLY good rich Vanilla.


Thanks @Silhouette. One of the first vapes I tried, and it was spectacular dripped. Honey Flue Nut Tobacco from Backwoods Brew.


Nostalgic flavor- Double Chocolate (Clear) (TPA), it’s a reminder of a dusty chocolate and the flavor Raid- by Valhalla Vapes…woo chocolate sauce… it was so good.


Flavor- White Lotus- by Way of the Dragon, the first flavor I had on a sub-ohm tank (upgrading from CE-4) and the whole flavor reason I got into DIY. It took about 2 years from @Granger cloning it when I was lost, and then I found clone requests and have been helping others in the pursuit of their white buffalos.


Thank you @Silhouette.
The flavor profile that takes me back to happier times is FW Watermelon candy. That was the first flavor i mixed with, it inspired me to buy more flavors and give this DIY thing a try. .


TNT Time Bomb Ice- My wife finally got off smoking cigarettes and this flavor was what was at the end of a very long road of sampling. I mean, like 4 stores later, we were losing hope.

I had to clone this after the price/location but been mixing it ever since.


Thank you @Silhouette for going out of your way to do this and to BullCity for providing this giveaway. I’ll also only enter once…

I really like the flavor profiles that popup when using Smoked Marshmallow (TPA) and with Vanilla Nut Brittle (PUR) I don’t know if it’s the mouth feel these present or a subtle flavor they remind me of, but they both remind me of calmer times.


Cubano TFA. It reminds me of the cartridges I started with.


What a nice gesture.

cap glazed doughnut because it reminds me of eating play dough as a child.