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On Wednesday, August 30th, we will be donating 100% of our profits that day to organizations that are assisting the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

Many of us here at BCF are connected in some way to the affected areas. With so many friends, family and customers in Texas, it has been hard to watch as the people there deal with the effects of Hurricane Harvey. We want to help and hope you will join us.

Good morning ELR! We at BCF wanted to come say “Hi” and create a topic so we can keep you guys updated on all new flavors, sales, and anything else worth noting. Also we love the DIY community and love to hear from you even more! Any questions, comments or concerns, feel free to message me here, or email me at support@bullcityflavors.com And last but not least, we will always have an active discount code for ELR, Just use ELRECIPES in the discount box during checkout.



Thank you to @Walt_RealFlavors and company for being such a great group of people and to allow us to carry some a widely loved brand as Real Flavors. To celebrate, we’re offering a 20% discount on all Real Flavors products and a free gift with your RF purchase! Use the code RF2017 at checkout.

After all the requests we’ve been getting to start using PayPal, we have been talking it over the last few weeks and decided to reinstate PayPal as a purchase option! Thank you everyone for the comments and emails, we really do take your suggestions to heart.


**We are now carrying Liquid Barn!

We’ve listened to the community from across the interwebs and after much demand, we are now carrying Liquid Barn flavors! We love you guys wholeheartedly, and would not be here without you. And are planning to bring on more vendors that you guys love, and are open to hearing any suggestions you guys may have. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


We now have community recipes packs up on www.bullcityflavors.com !!!

@Alisa , @JoJo and @Ken_O_Where have been gracious enough to allow us use some of their recipes for the initial launch of our site!!

Bull City Flavors is celebrating the DIY community with our new Community Recipe Packs. We’ve teamed up with top mixers to offer flavor packs inspired by their most popular recipes! Packs will be offered at a special discounted price and feature all of the flavors needed to recreate the recipe in your own home…AND you can customize your recipe pack by choosing the size you want for each flavor.

A portion of the proceeds from each recipe pack will go to the community member that created the recipe!

We plan to highlight a different recipe each week!

Look for the Community Recipe Packs on our website soon!

Have a recipe you want us to consider for a Community Recipe Pack? Send an email to sales@bullcityflavors.com for more information!


We are thrilled by the response to our Community Recipe Packs! Thanks for your support!

The perfect pairing of bananas and ripe strawberries in a heavy custard. Proper curing time is 1 to 2 months, so some patience is required, but it is worth the wait.


Like one of the recipe packs but already have some of the flavors? Now you can buy flavors included in the recipe packs individually!

Select the “Pick and Choose” option under the Community Recipe Packs tab on the website and get only what you need!

A portion of the proceeds from the sales of the recipe packs will continue to go to the recipe creator when this option is chosen!

More to come soon!

Shipping charges?
Bull City Flavors Community Recipe Packs

Welcome to ELR! Lots of people give you all at BCF high praise and I have had great service from you.

Question, is/will pick up at store be an option in the future?


And we’re grateful for your business!

In store pickup is a thing! All you have to do is put our address as the delivery, and choose the “local pickup” option. We will pick your order and call you as soon as its ready to be picked up, though if you make an order between 2-4PM EST, you should give us a call and I will fill your order myself, since shipping closes at 2:30.


Excellent! And cheers from Roxboro!


Glad to have you here. I’ve been a BCF customer for over a year and love the pricing, service and quick shipping.


I have not used BullCityFlavors, I am glad to see this thread. Going right now to peruse your Website.
I just noticed that you do not offer Liquid Nicotine? Will you in the future?


Hi Mark, we carried nicotine in the past, and have considered bringing it back, but currently we only sell PG,VG, flavor concentrates.


Glad you guys are here and if you have any questions, about how things work here, feel free to shoot one of us mods a PM.

Now i have a quick question, any chance on PayPal for payments? Id rather see this than nic being sold again.


:+1: on that. I use Paypal whenever possible.


Hey Ken, we looked into using PayPal a while back but at the time they refused to do business with any business tied to e-cig. But since then we’ve heard the amount of shady business that they do, and they are notorious for not paying companies, and not investigating fraudulent charges. We would not lose our money or yours. =)


I hear ya, last thing i would want is it lose one of our top vendors as a result of their shady practices. I have seen a bit of it over the years too, freezing accounts for idiotic reasons or without explanation… They both are awesome and suck at the same time.

Thanks for the quick reply. :slight_smile:


I’m ok with the lack of not having PayPal. But then again I don’t have a PayPal account. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: All I can say is that if you keep up your record with me of 100% accurate order fullfiment I’m a happy camper. Even happier when you process my order from a sunday by end of Monday/shipped on Tuesday. Fornthat you will always have my business.

Now if you could start carrying medicinal flower concentrates you would have 93% of my business. Carry nicselect and you would have 95% (there are those random occasions you need a flavor from somewhere else and can’t expected you to have everything.)


Welcome I love BCF !!! Curious if you’ve considered carrying any other lines like NF= Nature’ s Flavors or Molinberry, OoO = One on One Flavors and RF= Real Flavor and Medicine Flower which was already mentioned.


@BullCityFlavors Joe, I have ordered close to a metric ton from you guys, and every order has been flawless, and your extemely fast shipping makes other vendors cringe. Too good for words, and most other vendors should strive to catch up to you guys. Thanks for the code.


BCF is an excellent company to do business with and I have never had any problems with my orders. They are always without errors and are prompt on shipping. They also always leave a little thank you on the invoice sheet which shows customer appreciation.

To those who would like BCF to sell nicotine, please understand this.In late 2015, North Carolina implemented a stiff tax per ml for liquid nicotine on suppliers and e-liquid resellers. To my understanding, it was in BCF’s better interest to not sell nicotine and I believe it worked out in their favor. North Carolina relies heavily on tobacco sales as revenue so they hit the e-liquid market hard to make up for it. I believe it was 5 cents per ml tax but I may be off there. In retrospect, I think that North Carolina shot themselves in the foot on that one. A more reasonable tax would have been fair but it was not given. There are many other avenues to obtain nicotine if you want it. I just buy from companies that don’t get taxed out of business selling it.


I think you’ll be very happy with them Chris. I’ve had two minor problems and they fixed it immediately. I’ve had their products arrive from one coast to the other faster than another vendor that is less than 150 miles from me.


I’ve always been happy with them. :duck: They are officially the first place I go to buy concentrates. I get the same experiance on shipping. The place that’s 3hrs north of me gets me my concentrates at the same speed compared to all the way across the country from Bcf land just because they ship almost the next day.

Horrible grammar I know. Lol.


Glad to see you establish a presence here. Every time you send an e-mail about a sale, I or some else here posts it in the good deals topic. I must admit I was upset with your last sale. I placed a large order a week before and didn’t need anything else at the time. Oh well, c’est la vie, ya’ll will still be my only DIY supply vendor. :smiley:

As Beaufort_Batches said, BCF is an excellent company to do business with and I have never had any problems with my orders.


Thank you for your business and kind words! They really do mean a lot to us.


Thank you Amy! We’ve spoken to a lot of brands, and are always on the look out for new vendors to consider. We have a pretty heavy vetting process for flavor companies before we decide to do business with them, and we do have some stuff currently in the works. :wink: