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Bull City Flavors


Does anyone else order flavors from bull City? I use to use them all the time but over the last 6 months, I’ve tried out a few different companies due to coupons and such. Everytime I ordered, I would ask for any samples and always got a couple small flavors to try. Well, I ordered a pretty decent order a few days ago, Bigger than average, and again asked for any samples and got nothing. Does anyone know if they aren’t doing this anymore?


You can always ask them here @BullCityFlavors


Bull City is my main go to but I’ve never gotten any samples from them.


They do from time to time. Sadly their sample bottles leak. Haven’t had one that didn’t leak on the few times I have record them. But hey it’s free and wouldnt expect to get them all the time. Overall bcf is my go to because they ship so fast.


BCF has been my favorite DIY vendor for a long time.


Please don’t take me wrong. They have good prices, customer service etc… I was just curious if they stopped giving samples for any particular reason. They are still a good company with good people. I’m just saying they would give samples when asked for in the past. They just didn’t last time. Maybe someone knows something I don’t


You could always ask Wllmc over on VU about it, as he works there.


I am not sure with BCF but my guess is due to the new laws. I do know Brandon at Flavorah announced they could no longer give any samples due to the new regs .That is also why you see many reviewers that have giveaways also charge a small amount if you win.Same reason there is no longer free juice sampling in brick and mortar vape stores. I honestly don’t know but that is my guess.


All you need to do is ask for a sample and we will send them. Sort of like baseball players and cornfields, but with less Ray Liotta.


Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve been searching (and searching and searching) for NF suppliers who ship to Britain . You ship to Britain! You have NF (whoopee!) but (here comes the catch) …you only have two NF flavors listed . Gah! What gives? Are you discontinuing , or very, very slowly expanding?


Slowly expanding. One of employees used to sell them when he ran his business and he said we should try them out. He recommended those two to start with. Do you have any recommendations for other flavors?


personally, I’ve not yet managed to try them out (They are that hard to get over here) so I’m the wrong person to make recommendations. My NF shopping -list might be a bit helpful though? cos it’s mostly full of flavours that are not very easy to get in PG-free , or not easy to get at all. And I do think that’s one of NF’s great strengths- they do have a lot of unusual flavours.

There are a few NF threads on here, which would also help give you an idea which flavours are in demand.

Finally it would be best to focus on their organic extracts, i think , because there’s an increasing interest in organic flavours , seems to me, they are only slightly more expensive than the non-organic equavalent , and you might as well set out to please everybody!

Anyway, give it a few days- maybe start a dedicated thread for it?- and i’m sure you’ll be swamped with flavour requests


Slowly expanding eh? I keep hearing about the flower concentrate brand. Medicine something or other. Wink wink :wink:


Just had another GREAT experience with @BullCityFlavors. Placed a small “topper” order and was lucky (or was I ?? LOL) to receive my first NEW Flavorah bottle. Needless to say, it didn’t like doing it’s job very well, and thankfully it had been placed in it’s own bag. Shot a quick message out to BCV and replacement has already shipped.

It’s EASY when everything is great, perfect, without a hitch, but you can tell a lot about a company, when there’s an issue.

Thanks Bull City !!!


Love them too, especially the option of getting some 10ml flv instead of the 15mls.

Always ships pretty quick, even during sales, and funnily enough, arrives in 2 days from NC to CA. Love the bottles as well, much better than the new NR bottles. While orders from the south CA to North CA take nearly 5 days, same shipping applied lol.

I do get samples but the last 2 orders were none included, of course I didn’t ask, because since I got them prior I thought it was automatically lol. But that’s not their fault.

I just wish they would stock more VT :wink: or lava cake lb, or/and add some more lines. I really hate shopping at 6 different stores. Please make me happy!


Come on out here to NC and you’ll get them next day.


I’ve gotten a few orders from them now and only on the last order did they give me a few samples. Now I’ll know to ask for them. Need to get an order ready anyway.