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Bust-A-Nut - How should it taste


No worries. But did yours have a Mocha taste at any stage through the process? Not just “wasn’t that into it” . I think my recipe has a major flaw at the moment. I could be wrong and I’ll keep this batch and try it every few days and see what it does. But I really don’t think that will fix my problem.

However, It’s awesome to know that so that when I do fix it I’ll give it a fair chance to steep. Muchas Gracias Pugster.


Totally agree… it really hits a smooth vape after 3 weeks or so… I am currently vaping my August 13 batch


Anytime man, my benchmark is a month for 90% of what I mix, it is I guess slightly mocha early on, the butteryness and smoothed out taste develops later on :ok_hand:


Wow @CallMeTut I’m using the exact same flavours Hang on except Nut mix “don’t have that” ( and also don’t know why my head did air quotes then)

I want a 50/50 PG As said let me just do the concentratation adjustment and I’ll worry about other stuff if that doesn’t fix it.

It’s wrong and not due to any other error it’s a mix error. My hypothesis is the PG ratio made it to strong. I’ll test that and feedback to you guys. I’ll also keep a batch of all my lots to steep at least 3 months. Cool.

Let you know soon. Thanks you’ve all been awesome.


This community is so helpful. I use three forums for various things and this one is

1 the most helpful
2. the least trolls
3. the best software too (discourse is amazing)


I added the nut mix on my own, thought it pushed the flavor a touch… I thought the original (at least the original with my subbed flavors) was good as it was without the nut mix though.


Yeah My is definitely nutty enough. I’m a sweet tooth so If I play around with it when fixed it’ll be about adding some sparkle.


If your looking for a sweeter type… you may want to look at Moon Butter


Moon Butter2
3.30% Butterscotch (TPA)
1.90% Peanut Butter (TPA)
1.90% Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)
1.10% Cream Fresh (FA)
0.80% Milk and Honey (Flavorah)
Dropped flavor from 12 to 10 percent

Original uses all Flavorah ingredents
3 week steep

Mourning Glory

EDIT: I needed to drop the flavor percentage, I had dropped it to 8 percent and just raised it back up to 10 (which is the above recipe, which I haven’t mixed yet… on my todo list for today).


good luck I hopes you nail it.


As an aside… the Moon Butter mixes nicely with Bust a Nut, I often will mix the 2 together.


oh yeah. Honey with nuts. That always works.


I think it’s a bit unfair to make judgement on @Alisa’s Bust-A-Nut when you have substituted flavors. Bavarian Cream by TPA sucks compared to FW’s Bavarian Cream. Added SuperSweet, no wonder you’re not impressed. Neither myself nor anyone I know thinks it has a coffee flavor taste to it. Perhaps the SupSwt screws the mix. Bust-A-Nut should have a buttery nut taste to it, nothing more…


I agree with all @ringling said, although I didn’t take Volition’s post as an ‘affront’ to my recipe. i think he really just means to get some help.

I’ve mixed Bust-a-Nut in many different ways over the last few years, but I honestly (for my palate), have not found a better mix. I did make a version II for those overseas that cannot get Flavorwest flavorings easily, and it turned out just OK comparatively.

Also, just as an FYI, I’ve never tasted any coffee or mocha hints in the original at all.


Dude, this was no criticism. All I asked was if there was a Mocha flavour as I suspected maybe because of substitution and or change in PG/VG ratio. I made no Judgement!!! and have been using this thread to try and work out why it’s not as good as it should be.

You are being unfair and I think you should retract that. Not that I give a shit that much. But have a read first we acknowledged all the potential problems through the thread. Did you even read it befor ecalling my actions unfair. I didn’t ask if anyone thins there is a coffee flavour. I wanted to know if anyone HAD experienced it. I knew from that then my mix was wrong.

Pull your head in mate.!!! Ding a ling


Sorry I was busy typing Alisa while you posted. Glad you read it properly. I am doing everything possible to recreate your recipe as it should be so I can charge it FAIRLY. Keep it up mate. Well done on such a popular recipe. ELR #1 yeeha


Cool… also please note… @ringling is NOT an asshole. He’s a great guy with a TON of experience he shares with folk all the time. I think he just perceived your post differently.

All good here.


I edited that. Heat of the moment. I was wrong sorry. He behaved like one, may not be one. I don’t hold grudges anyways. So 'ill just move forward I’m sure he’s a good bloke. I’ve been here 3 weeks doing my best to be fair and give it a go. I was fair and considerate and I think people who have obviously been here a while have a responsiblity to watch before the post before making accusations which are not correct.


Can’t say I behaved like anything. You’re reading something into my comment that just plain is not there. I’m a firm believer in NO sweeteners. I also know TPA BC is not as good as FW’s BC. That’s what I said and I do stand by it. Though I no longer can do so, I have mixed and sold Bust-A-Nut commercially just as @Alisa’s recipe is written. Many have loved this blend just as it is. Guess I’m just saying try it as written…


Is that an honest assessment? I already have LA’s Bavarian Cream but will place FW’s in a shopping cart for my next order from Nic River if it’s that good…