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Bust-A-Nut - How should it taste


Then also add Cream (Flavorah) as it is a main shine in Moon Butter …and the top note cream when MB gets mixed with BAN …glorious. I do 3:2 ratio steeped BAN:MB


Ok Ringling you are downplaying it.

And I’m probably overplaying it. But here is what was plainly not there supposedly (yes it’s very minor but it annoyed m. A lot. A lot more then it probably should)

Your being defensive for the recipe when I had not been unfair and/or judged it. Pissed me off, I felt like you thought I hadn’t given the recipe fair respect. I pride myself on being fair and you were questioning that. Questioning my Fariness.

On reflection, how could I have asked for this feedback about bust-a-nut differently so that you wouldn’t have called me “unfair”. Can’t see how I could have, except just not post and not ask questions about highly community rated & respected recipes. Are their recipes or mixers that recipes cannot be questioned and help sorted? because that is how it comes across.

You as a user approaching their 2nd yr anniversary on the forum (congrats) please be mindful that this can and does turn others off from seeking help. And as that experienced user it is your responsibility to ensure respectful users like myself are treated fairly and not turned off asking reasonable question even if you think the recipe they are getting wrong is awesome in your opinion.

Now, because you wrote back as if nothing happened, that I was reading into it. I thought it fair for me to be able to explain myself and hopefully you’ve heard me out and can at least understand why I was acting like a goose.

Lastly, I need to apologise, My reaction was inappropriate. I apologise I called you a rude word, moderate one not excessive. Personally seeing all the jokes you posted I think you may have liked it. Then again maybe not, so I edited it as by that time I felt I had over reacted and it was me being unfair. I must , Must I’ve learn to remind myself to take a step back when I get angry at a user in a forum. Musssttt Delay POst!!!:rage:

OK back to business let’s discuss the recipe stuff in your post.

I don’t think the Bavarian Cream is the problem, may play a part if so only minor. The problem I had was a Mocha flavour which I mainly put down to overly concentrated. This mix I made is super strong flavour wise. I won’t go through it again it’s up above.

I thought Super sweet was sucralose so didn’t see a problem with that one. Ok so let’s have alook at Super sweet cap from this thread Reddit - enhancers One post says its 20% sucralose thats double FW (FW is a 10% solution is that correct) another poster says it has “Water, Sucralose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate” but doesn’t mention sucralose percentage.

I personally don’t think that’s the main issue. But I did think it lacked a little something so you could be onto something there.

@callmetut was not having an issue and had the same substitutions it was her ADV so I think my hunch is right on ratio being the issue, not the substitutions entirely. anyways, gave me a bit of info made me learn some stuff and will take it onboard for my mixing. Once again sorry for the reaction and please don’t call me “unfair” when I’m not. I’m a delicate petal (obviously)

keep on joking @ringling



In my opinion, yes. I like it a lot…


Onto the shopping list then… thx


Something you must realize is @Alisa’s original recipe is all FW flavors. Most, but not all FW’s flavors are weaker than other brand flavors. You will use more flavor in this case, especially with high VG mixes. As far as the sucrulose I highly recommend you get away from that stuff completely. If you must use a sweetener you’ll find that organic stevia will work best for you both in flavor and for your health. This you can get at Walmart. It is said that the human body can not process sucrulose (even orally). Hopefully stevia will help your mix…


First, allow me to say that I understand what you are trying to say (as a whole) and how you’re trying to approach things. (It’s from a good place IMO). However, the exchange hinged on a simple misunderstanding. Hopefully I can help make things a bit clearer for you, or I’ll try to at least, and hope that I don’t offend in the process. It’s definitely not my intent. Only trying to clarify.

The instant that you sub a single ingredient (even the same name, but by a different manufacturer), you’re technically no longer making that person’s recipe. That “technicality” is the “simple” misunderstanding. A single flavor changing can (and often does) fundamentally change the flavour profile of a recipe. So you’re no longer comparing it to “what it should taste like” because you’ll never achieve what it should taste like since you’ve had to make a substitution. That’s what I believe Ringling was trying to say.

Alisa, being her kind and modest self, was also not taking offense. Not only because she understands what you’re trying to do, but she also clearly points out that it’s not the same animal at all once subs start happening.

No one was trying to bust your balls, or show you a lack of respect. He wasn’t trying to be rude either. All I saw was him ask if you have made the original, which I took as trying to Guage whether you were familiar with what the original recipe tastes like. Even though “it hasn’t rocked my socks” is in effect putting a judgement on something out sounds like you might not have made yet.

I know that it was for quite a while one of my favorites. But like yourself, I had to do a bit of subbing. I still happily give her both credit, and appreciation for the original, even though it wasn’t until sometime later that I actually got the proper components to make it 100% verbatim. Further complicating matters, there was a single flavor in there somewhere that didn’t physically agree with me. So I have had to leave that as a sub (since I finally worked my way to it in SF tests and found the culprit). But until I made the original, I couldn’t fully appreciate the various shifts in flavor that I had been doing. I know this now. Alisa knows it (which is why she’s modest, as well as gracious for folks trying it, and the variants). And Ringling knows it (which is why he asked if you’d made it according to the recipe).

So while you were in fact, on the right track with trying to see how you could adjust your approach (within your current needs, flavor availabilities, etc), you also were inadvertently slightly unfair to ask for opinions about mocha taste, and bust a nut in the same breath. Because you’re not making bust a nut. Though it’s a close variant!

As for the super sweet bit. I’m glad you picked up on the sucralose thing a bit. But just to round out the picture:
TFA Sweetener = 5% sucralose
FW Sweetener = 10% "
Cap super sweet = 20% "

I hope that you continue to feel welcome, as you are. But know this is a very forgiving group. Lord knows I’ve stepped in it a time or two, Dust yourself off, you’ve already apologized, and take it for what it is. A learning experience! We’re all human, and this place more than most understands that, and more importantly respects that.

@CallMeTut FWIW, I agree with Ringling! FW Bav. Cream trumps TFA.


Hi everyone. I have my shopping list bought and this is the first recipe I plan on making, as it seems very similar to my current premium bought ADV.

I bought some syringes as the American weigh scales (the ones so often recommended by you all) I ordered will be awhile before they arrive from the states (UK here).

I do have all the FW flavourings but instead of sucralose I’m going for TFA marshmallow, as recommended by Alisa.

Unfortunately my pg/vg ratio won’t be the same as the original because my nic is in PG. So I’m intending to make 70%vg ratio. Will I need to make any adjustments to the flavour percentages? Thanks in advance.



I have always made DaMomma’s Bust_A_Nut at 70VG/30PG and never alter the %'s except for nicotine.
It’s an ADV for over a year.
Marshmallow or stevia stone for me, never sucralose.



i love @Alisa mixes i think she knows that i do , butt bust a nut didnt even pop a cherry for me lmao ( trying to be funny ) serioulsy its not for me at all and ive made it for others to try and they LOVE IT so to ask what its supposed to or does taste like is a tough question being thay taste is as subjective as it is ,


I am vaping Bust a nut right now, it should be rich, nutty the pecans really stand out but the hazelnut is there. Sweet buttery. It’s a great vape, It’s not my all day vape but alias did make my all day vape which is her milk and honey custard, If I had to choose only one juice to vape for the rest of my life it would be milk and honey custard by Alissa. What I think is important is to follow the directions very carefully and make sure to use the same brands, the manufacturers brands taste so much different. I am a new diyer also but so far I have had good experiences with recipes on elr.


I have my Bust-a-Nut (or close as) in 50/50. I had to sub BC TPA and Sweet Cream CAP, both at 3.5 %. After vaping through a couple of badges, I will lower the Hazelnut a little. In my opinion it comes out a tad to strong in 50/50 and overpowers the buttery taste some.


As I’m reading this thread I have a flavor order incoming, due tomorrow with all the flavors to make BAN. My other attempt subbed several flavors and I got a definite nut flavor and it was good enough that I wanted to try to get a little closer to the actual recipe and try again. Even with my subs I did not get any mocha. But I still might suggest following my lead and try to mix as close to the original as possible, the additional flavors cost less than $20 and won’t go to waste even if BAN isn’t our favorite.


One more tiny bit of criticism here. I think when you said you were going to fix the recipe, some may have taken offense to that. That is just my two cents.


Also recipes are hard to nail down sometimes. When vape chemists finally nail a recipe it is their, we’ll for a lack of better words, their baby. They want no one to really mess with it. A lot of recipes actually require a steep time. @Alisa usually puts a steep time in the description. The steep time is there to let you know that the liquid is at its peak at that time.
Once you truly get into DIY and start your own mixes, you will see what we are talking about. A lot of work, tweaks, and scratched batches go into mixing. It is not easy to make a complex recipe. Sometimes the flavors have to be measured precisely to get the flavor that is desired.
So you can see when you say fix, some people might take offense to something they or someone else has created a tried and true recipe.
I understand where others are coming from and a little of your frustration.


One more bit of advice for you. Do not judge someone’s experience for how long they have been on the forum. You do that and you might miss out in some helpful information.


I liked that answer better … especially number 2 :slight_smile: keep up the good mood.


I now have everything except Sweetener (Sucralose) (FW)
for which I will sub Sweetener (Sucralose) (TPA)
But I have a different idea for the suggested steep time @Alisa: "You can shake-n-vape this one, but it’s really much richer after 3 days in a dark cabinet."
I’m going to try waiting a whole week!


I miss vaping Bust-A-Nut it’s too high for me pg wise but I never encountered a mocha flavor the entire time I vaped it.